Wedding Hair Style Tips





-Please arrive with unstyled, clean hair or there will be an additional
charge for a blow-dry prior to your service.


-Have photos and ideas of what you would like your style to look like.  
If you are unsure bring along a photo of your dress and our stylists can
help you create a gorgeous look that fits with the look, feel and theme of
your gown and wedding celebration.


-Bring any accessories (veil, combs, pins etc.) along so we can practice
and experiment with them.


-Be explicit and expressive about what you do and don't like.  We want to
make sure you feel your most beautiful on your special day!


-Don't forget your camera and take photos of your trial run.


-If you are going to color your hair before your wedding, we suggest coloring
1-2 weeks prior to the big day.



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