Hairstyles/ Haircuts






Design. Cut, and Style.

The foundation of a look is the difference between simply looking good and looking great. No matter if you are an urban sophisticate, career maven, or queen of your domestic empire you can take years off of your appearance with a updated hairstyle. Our expert analysis includeds face and body balance, personal style and at-home maintenance.                                        Cuts can range from $50-95$ 


Special occasion Styling 

Allow our stylists to create a memorable look for your special occasions. Wheather it is for your wedding, prom, portrait or a special night out on the town. You will look spectacular.           Prices may vary, call for further details. 


Shampoo and Style

Let one of our stylists pamper you with a shampoo and style. Sit back and relax and let us do all the work. Prices from $35-$40


Conditioning Treatment

 Living in the dry climate of Colorado dehydrates your hair causing brittleness and breakage. Speciality treatments are available to restore moisture and sheen to dry damaged hair. Enjoy a LUXURIOUS scalp massage with our special conditioing formulas.                                              Prices from $20-$35


Specialized Cutting for Gentlemen

Its remarkable the difference a little grooming detail can make. The message a well-groomed man projects is that of someone who considers his care to the precise detail of his life and business. Good grooming is a tremendous asset that you cannot afford to ignore. Men's styling requires certian perspective and attention to the current trends our stylist will provide you with a style that suits your needs. Prices from $40-55$ (prices may vary on haircut) 

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