The Dos and Don'ts of Hair Extensions

Two weeks ago, we introduced you to our new Ember Hair extensions and this week we want to give you some insight on how to take care of them. While many of these hair extension dos and don’ts will work for any type of extension, our stylist Tessa has some insight specifically for your new Post Hair extensions. One of the main things she suggests is always remember what you’re getting yourself into. Hair extensions are a commitment and at Post Hair Company, we are committed to giving you the best hair for you. Read on to find out the dos and don’ts from our stylist Tessa.


Brush your hair every night before you go to bed.
 You can even put it in a loose braid to avoid tangling throughout the night.
Treat your hair well. 
If you are biking or doing any activity where your hair is whipping around, be sure to put it in a braid or loose ponytail.
Purchase a Wet Brush or Knot Genie. 
Something that is specified for children is made to be gentle on the hair and it won’t rip through your knots and tangles.
Keep your hair at it’s natural fall. 
When you wear your hair up for long periods of time, it’s a lot of weight to put on the bonds of the hair extensions. Always keep it down or up loosely.
Remove your extensions or braid your hair before going in chlorine.
 If you know you have a big trip planned, your Post Hair stylist can remove your extensions and replace them after you’ve returned. Chlorine and the ocean will only cause damage to your extensions. Every 4-6 weeks you will need to come in to have your extensions adjusted.
Understand the investment you’re making.
Hair extensions aren’t a one and done thing, it is a huge commitment on both your part and on the stylist. Always follow your stylist’s instructions to achieve the best hair result.


Wash your hair every night.
You should be washing your hair only once or twice a week.
Color your hair extensions.
If you are committing to hair extensions, be sure you have the hair color you’d like to have for awhile. If anything, you can color your extensions darker but lighter will only cause damage.
Use certain products.
It is best to follow the care instructions from your stylist. It is not recommended to use volumizing products, dry shampoos or any oils on your extensions and always stay away from using products at your roots. 

Introducing Ember Hair Extensions

Have you always wanted longer, stronger and thicker hair? Well, look no further than hair extensions at Post Hair Company. We’re  working specifically with Ember Hair extensions to bring you real, custom made hair extensions that’ll match your natural hair. We talked with Post Hair Stylist Tessa, to get her insight on these new extensions. “I’ve had just about every kind of extension out there and this by far has been the least damaging to my natural hair” Tessa says. Read more below and see for yourself why we’re thrilled to be offering this great new service.

Ember Hair extensions are 100% European fair-trade hair, making them the softest of all hair extensions. They are double weft, meaning they are sewn and threaded, and micro beaded rather than individual strands. Weft extensions have no tape or line which in turn allows the hair extensions to lay flatter on the head. Five microbeads per weft and five wefts complete a full set of Ember Hair extensions. The extensions use microbeads because they offer less pain and irritation on the scalp, and also help distribute extension weight. While some extensions use adhesive or glue, that is not the case with Ember Hair. Inside each microbead is a keratin coating, that will protect and prevent breakage unlike other extensions.
The thing we may like most about Ember Hair is the ability to completely customize the extensions based on each customer. When you come into Post Hair Company for your consultation, we can either take a picture of your hair or cut a small piece of it. We in turn send that in, and your hair extensions are made to blend and match to your existing hair. We are even able to give specific highlight or lowlight numbers to ensure perfection. 
Another great thing about these extensions are the care they are given before they are sent to us. Each ponytail is kept together and laid the same way as the hair naturally would. The cuticles all remain together which ensures the hair remains in its natural state. Since the extensions are followed from start to finish, the quality ensures less frizz, knotting, and the best possible match for your hair. 
So, are you sold? Call Post Hair Company at 303-794-5060 to book your hair extension consultation today. 

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