Stylist Interview - Meet Tina Dell'Anno

Looking for a new ‘do this season? Today we’re introducing you to a Post Hair Company stylist that is crazy about a few of fall’s most popular trends, including going red and blunt bangs. 
Meet Kristina (Tina) Dell'Anno. 

When did you first start wanting to be a stylist? 
Tina: I became interested in doing hair when I was in high school because I loved watching my aunt cut and style hair. My aunt bought me my first mannequin and scissors and I was hooked - I'd found my passion.
Where did you attend school?
Antoine Du Chez Academy
How long have you been working in a salon? 
Nine years 
What do you specialize in as a stylist? 
Blondes and color corrections

When and why did you want to start working at Post Hair Company?
I started working at Post Hair Company in 2010. My aunt had worked with Leigh Ann for years so I knew the salon was top notch. Beyond that, I wanted to work in a large salon with lots of stylists to learn new techniques from which Post Hair Company has always offered.
What is your favorite aspect about the salon? 
My favorite aspect of working in a salon is following the ever-changing and evolving hair trends. It's really fun to share these trends with guests and customize them to each person to modernize their look.
What's a good tip for refreshing your hair for this season? 
Glosses are a really great quick fix for brightening a color that needs a little extra love. 
What is a hair trend that you're loving right now? 
The trends I'm loving right now are blunt bangs, rich reds and blondes going more strawberry! 
What can a client expect from you experience wise when getting their hair done? 
I keep up with what's new and am honest about how to achieve the look they are going for. Ultimately creating a relationship with each client.
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5 Crazy Halloween Makeup Tutorials To Try

With Halloween coming up this Saturday, do you know what your costume is? Whether you’re trying to win a Halloween costume prize or you just want to impress your friends, don’t go with a costume that everyone else will be wearing. 
Instead, think makeup. Not only can you utilize makeup as your costume, which costs less than a costume you’ll only wear once, you can do it yourself at home. If you’re not a makeup pro, there are thousands of tutorials out there that will give you step-by-step instructions.
Here are 5 of the craziest Halloween makeup tutorials: 
Hair tip: Go for gold. If you can find a gold hairspray (usually found in the Halloween isle of places like Walgreens), this is your best bet. Style your hair up, then spray all over. After this styled look with sticky gold paint, you’ll probably want to come in for a conditioning treatment. This will get your hair clean, soft and free of all that Halloween damage. 

Hair tip: Sally has a long, red wig in this tutorial. You can do the same, or even color your hair like the gold option above. Just remember, we're here to condition your hair back to its healthy, everyday look.

Hair tip: For this look, long and sleek is the way to go. Like in the tutorial, you can separate the “two faces” by pulling straightened hair between them. If you don’t have any product to achieve that sleek look, we’ve got you covered. 
Hair tip: For the nutcracker look, we suggest a tight topknot. This will keep your hair away from your eyes and face paint, so you can keep this creepy and clever look all night. Want to have the perfect up-do for Halloween? Book an appointment for a quick hairstyle with one of our hair experts. 

Hair tip: This one is a little creepy. But with the makeup done well, it can also be super beautiful. For this look, we suggest bringing out the curls. Whether that’s letting your natural curls come out for the night or styling your hair, we have products that can help you achieve that curly look. 

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