Stylist Interview: Meet Desiree


Our summer months are always busy at Post Hair Company. From new summer cuts and colors to the various hair trends - our team continues to grow with the ever changing styles. One of our newest stylist, Desiree, brings her 10 years of experience to our team. Call to book Desiree for a new look before the summer ends! 
How long have been with Post Hair Company? 
I have been at Post since May and was previously at Montana Salon.
How long have you been doing hair? 
I’ve been doing hair for almost 10 years now.
Are you from Denver? 
I am not. I’m from Albuquerque originally and moved to Denver in 2009. I was living in Arizona at the going to beauty school and I was just ready to get out of the heat. Colorado is a cool city.
Why did you start?
 I loved the beauty industry - I like making people feel better about themselves 
What do you specialize in? 
I specialize in color. I do everything from balayage and baby-lights to just a basic all over color. It varies for me.
Is there a specific style or trend you like to style? 
I really like to stay up-to-date with what’s going on. Right now, more of a lived-in look is what I’m trying to create on people.
Do you have a favorite hair product? 
Dry shampoo. 

9 Things You Should Know About Vibrant Hair


Since bright hair colors are all the rage this summer, we thought it was time to get real about them—they’re a lot of work. Since you’ve probably considered going purple, pink or another vibrant shade at least once, we’ve compiled a few things you should know first. Take a look below, and if you’re ready for the hair committment, we say go for it.
You may have to bleach your hair.
Unless your hair is naturally platinum blonde, chances are you will have to bleach it. In order for any bright colors to lift and stand out, your hair needs to be completely white to begin with—which could take 1-3 bleaches.
Have a professional bleach it for you.
You won’t regret this step, we promise.
Invest in quality hair care products.
A large part of going bold with your hair is maintaining that color. Investing in quality hair products specifically meant for color treated hair will help in making your color last.
 Lots of things can make your color fade. 
This is a very important one to note. Things that will make your color fade include how often you wash it, heat tools, which hair products you use and your exposure to the sun. Silver and pastel shades will fade the fastest and need to be touched up more often.
There are things you can do to avoid color fading.
Dry shampoo will become your best friend. Washing your hair in cold water will also slow down the color fading process.
Going bold is a big commitment.
If you couldn’t tell already... Your first service will also likely be a bit more expensive and could take anywhere from 2-5 hours.
Always protect hair when using heat tools.
This should be the case no matter what color your hair is, but it is extra important with extremely color treated hair.
You’ll be a regular at the salon.
 When those roots start growing in it is not always pretty. Be prepared for salon touchups on a regular basis.
Prepare for the attention.
Your new vibrant, bold hair color will bring attention to you whether you like it or not. But just don’t be bothered—rock it! 

Spa Treatments That Prove We Live in the Future


Beauty trends and treatments are always evolving and in 2017, it will likely be no different. Here at Post Hair Company, we love offering the latest services and today we’d like to share a few futuristic ones with you. Would you have ever thought permanent makeup would be a thing, say 10 years ago? Yeah, us either. Keep reading to find a few coming of age services offered specifically at Post Hair Company.

Fire and Ice Facial

Our new fire and ice facial is designed to reduce wrinkles, smoothen, soften, encourage cellular renewal and rapidly and safely resurface the skin. This remarkable treatment combines two therapeutic masques- an extremely powerful intensive resurfacing masque and a soothing rejuvenating masque. The fire and ice facial will awaken your senses with aromas of warm cinnamon spice and cool peppermint. 


Ever heard of Microblading? This is the permanent makeup we mentioned above but specifically for your eyebrows. By using tiny “micro needles” along with speciality brow pigments, we create hair strokes that mimic your natural hair growth pattern. The result? Full, flawless looking brows everyday. Read more about this Post Hair Company service here.
Check back here to stay up to date on Post Hair Company’s  latest services and offerings.

Fire Facial

Yes, its a thing, but only in China. An alcohol-soaked cloth is put over the face and then lit on fire. Women seek the “fire facial” treatment to fight colds, lose weight and brighten dull skin. It may not be as scary as it sounds, the experts say they put out the fire very quickly with another cloth before it can ever reach your skin.


Space Age Sauna

This spa treatment will have you burning calories in no time. The “space age sauna” as a spa in New York calls it, is really a heated pod. You fully lay in the pod and it works to heat the body’s core temperature. You’ll definitely sweat a lot during this one but you’ll burn plenty of calories and fat in the process.

10 Hair Resolutions for Perfect Hair in 2017


As 2017 approaches, you may be thinking about your New Year's resolutions.  But today, it’s all about the hair commitments. Let the new year be the year of better hair days and no fly aways! Take it easy with heat styling or go for that new haircut you’ve been dying to try. Whatever it is, we’re compiled a list of hair resolutions for you to consider.
Rock imperfect or undone hair.
Some of the sexist hair styles are the imperfect ones. Spend a little less time worrying about having every hair in place and embrace your natural bed head. Add a hold product for volume and texture.

Be Brave/try something new.

Go for that bold color or cut you’ve always been wanting. We’re talking a pastel ombre for spring or chopping those long locks to rock an edgy bob in the summer.


Always always always use heat protectant.

Even a little on the ends will go a long way.



Toss old products and invest in quality new ones.

While your current hair products may work for you, it is likely you’ve also been holding on to some you rarely use. Start the new year right and clean out your product closet. If you’ve yet to find quality products you like, head to Post Hair Company to get a product recommendation and read Why You Should Only Buy Your Hair Products From a Salon. 

Wash your hair less.

Embrace dry shampoo in 2017. You won’t regret it.


Master ponytails and simple updos.

For those days where your hair won’t cooperate, be prepared.

Give your hair a break from heat styling at least once a week.

While using curlers and straighteners may be your thing, in 2017 we dare you to go without. Take a look here at some no heat hairstyles to try including the use of hair wraps and sea salt sprays. 

Take care of hair while you sleep.

Wear a hair wrap or sleep on silk pillowcases.


Commit to deep conditioning once a month.

Lock in your hair’s moisture and keep it looking great all year long. Trust us, you’ll absolutely notice a change in your hair’s softness over time. 

Blow dry on low to medium heat rather than high.

If you must blow dry, turn down the heat. High heat will cause your hair to rapidly dry out and even lead to split ends over time.

5 No Heat Hairstyles to Try Right Now

It’s never a bad idea to give your hair a break from the heat of your curlers, flat irons and blow dryers. Taking even a small break will give your hair time to grow, keep it naturally moisturized and less frizzy. What could be wrong with that? Just in time for spring and summer, take a look at these effortless no heat hairstyles.

Sea Salt Spray

This may be the simplest no heat hairstyle. Spray a sea salt or beach spray to damp hair and scrunch to distribute the product. You can twist your bangs or other strands to create distinct waves throughout. Let your hair naturally air dry and add a little hairspray for volume and hold. Check out a few sea salt sprays for different hair types here.

Sleep in Braids

Another way to create curly, voluminous hair is braiding before bed. You can do two french braids or even simple twists. Cut down on your morning routine with this quick tutorial. When you twist your hair you’ll avoid hair puffing as it dries, leaving you with smooth, natural curls. 

Scarf or Bandana

This no heat hairstyle is great for second day hair. Grab your favorite scarf or bandana and mix it with your classic ponytail or messy bun. While it may take a few tries to master your tying technique, look here for a few different ways you can tie a scarf in your hair.

Upside Down Braided Bun

Add a little flare to your top knot with this no heat hairstyle. It is surprisingly not as difficult as you would think to braid upside down, you can find out how here. Wear your braid polished or messy for summer, you can even modify this style if you prefer a pony rather than a bun.

Bubble Ponytail

Another pulled back style, this is a new twist on your typical ponytail. Pull all of your hair into a high pony or sweep it back into a low pony, whichever you prefer. Measure a few inches down and secure with another elastic. Gently pull out the hair between the elastics to create the bubble shape and continue down the length of your pony. See a full tutorial here.

5 Things to Know About Kerastase


photos courtesy of Kérastase

One of the benefits of getting your hair done in a salon is how soft and silky your hair looks and feels afterwards. Having a professional stylist do you hair not only feels amazing, but stylists also provide a specific service based on your hair needs, which in turn creates those beautiful results. 
Post Hair Company offers a variety of products to its clients that help with getting these lasting and healthy results. Products include Shu Uemura, L’Oréal Professionals and Kérastase. 
If you’ve never looked into the products that are used on your hair in the salon, we’re telling you all about one of our favorites: Kérastase. Here are give things to know about this product line that we love. 
1. Kérastase was derived from L’Oréal. 
Back in 1909, Eugène Schueller started L’Oréal, which was a small product brand at the time. Today, L’Oréal the number top cosmetic group in the world, being sold and used in practically every salon. L’Oréal Paris has also been the featured product on shows like Project Runway, and it is also a favorite among celebrities. In 1964, L’Oréal Paris launched Kérastase products. 
2. It has only been in the U.S. since the late 1990s. 
Even though Kérastase launched back in the ‘60s, it has only been available as a U.S. brand since about 1999. Before, stylists and lovers of the product had to import it from other counties, mainly Paris. We’re glad Kérastase is now available in the U.S. and is easily accessible. 
3. There’s a product for all hair types and conditions.
With six product lines, Kérastase truly has something for every type of hair and every condition that you hair is in. Whether you’ve colored your hair for most of your life, you have damaged it with heat or you have a lot of texture and frizz, there’s something that can help your hair shine and become healthier than ever before. There are even products for men to help strengthen it. Kérastase pro cuts help: nourish dry, curly and rebellious hair; protect the radiance of color-treated hair; smooth frizz; strengthen weakened, damaged or fine hair; improve and maintain hair density; smooth and calm all scalp discomforts; and preserve and enhance the natural radiance of long hair. 

4. You can start feeling and seeing Kérastase’s results practically right away. 
One of the great features of Kérastase is that most feel and see results right away. You might have a long road ahead of getting your hair back to healthy, but the Kérastase product line is a great start when you want fast results. One of our favorite Kérastase products is the Kérastase Reflection Chroma Captive Masque. You can use this masque once or twice a week by putting it all over your hair for minutes at a time, or you can use it as a daily conditioner.
5. Post Hair Company offers Kérastase to its clients. 
At Post Hair Company, we carefully select only the best products with superior ingredients to nourish the health of your hair and provide optimum results.  It's part of our commitment to creating the best hair salon experience in Greenwood Village. We encourage you to make an appointment to not only get a fresh look for fall, but get some tips on which Kérastase product would be nourishing and effective on your hair. 

For more information on the Kérastase product line, click here


5 Tips for Growing Your Hair Long and Healthy


Some of us made the spontaneous decision of getting that short haircut we saw on the red carpet. It looked great on her, so we thought it would look great on us - but it didn’t. Or maybe we took our stylist’s advice and got the cut in order to repair previously damaged hair. 
Either way, we’re now left with a short haircut that seems like it will never grow back. Luckily, growing your hair comes down to a science, and it’s an easy science to practice - with the right formula. 
Whether you want long locks like you once had, or you’re just trying to grow  out your hair for a new look, we’ve put together a list of tips on how to get that long, healthy hair that we all seek. 
1. Cut your ends every 2-3 months.
Cutting your hair may seem like the last thing you want to do when growing it out, but if you don’t cut the tips every once in a while, it can actually keep your hair from growing any longer. Do you blow dry, curl or color your hair often? Although these are quite normal things to do to your hair, they also damage and can even cause split ends. If you don’t trim your hair, these split ends will keep moving up your hair strand and will cause your hair to break off. So - get your hair trimmed about once every 10-12 weeks and it’ll keep you on the right track for long, beautiful hair. 

2. Be Gentle. 
You might not realize it, but you might be damaging your hair by simply brushing, towel drying and putting your hair in a ponytail. In order to maintain healthy locks that will grow long, you need to be more gentle or your hair will fight back. If you’re intense with your hair while brushing, you could pull out multiple strands and even break off dry hair.  Putting a heavy, crunchy towel on your head can also rip out hair. And putting your hair in a ponytail can be tough on it and pull it out, too. So be gentle if you want your hair to be healthy and happy. 

3. Apply a DIY or professional mask. 
At Post hair Company, we have several treatments and products to make your hair healthy and conditioned. But if your next appointment is weeks away, we suggest making an at-home treatment in between visits. We found this coconut and honey DIY mask that is made for repairing and moisturizing damaged hair. It’ll give you that sought after shine, plus coat your hair with healthy nutrition. 
Here’s the recipe, courtesy of Real Beauty Spot: 
1 tbsp honey
4 tbsp coconut oil
Pour honey and coconut oil in a pan and heat it on a stove top until they get melted. Allow the mixture to be cooled to touch and then apply on the dry hair, split ends and scalp. Massage with your fingers gently and leave your hair for 15-20 mins.
Wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
4. Condition more, wash less. 
Most of us think that washing our hair makes it healthier, smell better and look better. This might sound obvious, but cleaning your hair can actually decrease its health and dry it out. Our scalp and hair create natural oils that keep the hair healthy. So by washing it multiple times per week, we’re actually taking away those oils. We suggest washing your hair only about 2-3 times per week, and in warm or cold water, as hot water can dry out your hair. Be sure to condition your hair but limit washing it with harsh shampoos. 
5. Use a Biotin supplement. 
Vitamins and minerals can energize, protect and repair the human body. And there’s a vitamin that is perfectly crafted for hair and nail growth, too. We love Nature Made’s 2500 mg liquid formula of biotin. You take one pill a day, and it can give you that extra boost for hair growth. Plus, your nails will become stronger and grow faster.

The Truth About Ombre and Balayage: Interview with Master Hair Colorist, Emily Rishavy


All images courtesy of Styles Weekly

If you keep up with hair trends in the celebrity hair world, you’ve probably heard of the ombre and balayage treatments - and you might have even had this coloring treatment done yourself. 
When done at home or by someone who doesn’t have experience, ombre and balayage can look like your hair has grown out for months, and it can even turn orange. But with a professional stylist, you can achieve the look that so many celebrities are sporting today. 

To look into this hair coloring trend, we talked with Post Hair Company’s master hair colorist, Emily Rishavy:
First of all, can you explain the difference between balayage and ombre?
Emily Rishavy: Both ombre and balayage are very popular applications over recent years, but there’s a general transition toward balayage as many people have come to desire a more natural look. 
Balayage is a customized, hand-painted, sun-kissed look – a coloring technique utilized to create naturally highlighted appearance. The technique creates great depth and dimension. You have dimension throughout the hair, as opposed to dimension just on the tips of the hair, which is common with an Ombre application. 
Ombre is a “dipped-ends” look that was extremely popular a couple of years ago and is something that typically has a darker root, a medium color to the mid-lengths of the hair, with the ends being brightest. 
What’s particularly attractive with both styles, but especially balayage, is the out-growth. You don’t have a dramatic line of demarcation when your hair grows out. With an ombre, it’s almost as if you’re ‘dipping the tips‘ of your hair, so you get a less subtle color transition. Typically, an ombre look is great for wavy or curly hair, and it’s typically for a darker natural hair color. 
How long has the ombre/balayage trend been going on for?  
Both have been around for years, but ombre was biggest first and has recently evolved into more of what we call a “sombre” or subtle-ombre. Most people who were into Ombre a few years back have now transitioned into a “sombre” or balayage look in the past year or two. That isn’t to say that ombre doesn’t still look great, and if that’s what someone is into and feels great with – rock it. And balayage itself isn’t particularly new, but it’s extremely popular at the moment and that’s where most people’s preference is trending. 
Which method is healthier for your hair or are they about the same?
They’re actually very similar when it comes to the health of the hair and neither has substantial unhealthy impacts when it’s applied correctly. When you focus on hair health as we do at Post & Co., a big concern is ammonia. Generally ammonia-free permanent hair color is the healthiest for hair, and either ombre or balayage can be done with ammonia-free color, which is great. Additionally, both ombre and balayage require you to color your hair less often, which is kinder to the hair in general as opposed to traditional foils.  

If someone wants the ombre or balayage look, how does the process start?
For someone with dark hair who wants an ombre look, you figure out which pieces on the end of the hair need to be lightened, isolate them and proceed to lighten them. For someone with dark hair who wants balayage, you decide first how they wear their hair and style it, and how light they want to be. Then you select and hand paint those particular pieces with sweeping motion to lighten those pieces that will be most visible or frame the face or style optimally. 
For someone with lighter hair who wants and ombre look, you will typically go through and pull darker color and create darker pieces from the root down to the mid length, leaving some ends that are already light naturally, achieving the rootier look. For that same person looking for a balayage look, you again determine how she styles her hair, and then just touch up the roots with light colors and hand paint low lights through the hair to provide dimension.  
How long should someone wait before getting the second treatment for ombre/balayage to enhance/lighten the look?
Typically, you can go up to two to four months between treatments, because your hair will blend with your natural look, but it depends on where you’re starting and where you want to end up. The need to color less often is a big part of what makes this treatment or application so popular. If you are graying, however, you’ll still need stick to your current timelines. 
What ways can someone who gets the color treatment make their hair healthier after getting it colored?
Since the ends are generally lighter in both of these applications, using a leave-in conditioner and allowing your hair to air dry is ideal. That’s true in Colorado in general, as there’s generally a lack of moisture in the air. Also, using a heat protectant is also ideal before blow drying or heat styling. Finally, use a color-conserving shampoo and conditioner, and avoid very hot water, which compromises the tone of the color and fades it.
How do you feel about the colored ombre look? 
Well, sometimes it takes a few times to achieve that look, depending on how light you want the ends and how dark you are to begin with. The goal is to have you love your hair at every stage of the process, but it’s a gradual transition and it takes time to do correctly. 

How hard is it to achieve a colored ombre look? 
It’s not that it’s particularly challenging, but it’s a process that takes time to perfect and apply over multiple visits. That’s why you want to work with professionals that are experienced in the process. We’re extremely fortunate at Post Hair Company to have a number of master-level stylists, professionals that will know how to make that transition and make it look fantastic at every stage. 
Finally, is ombre and balayage really damaging for your hair or are there ways to achieve it without frying your hair? 
Absolutely. It doesn’t – and shouldn’t – be damaging at all. The whole process can be done without ammonia, so it’s no more damaging than any other color or process. Balayage is less damaging than a traditional foil. The only scenario that is challenging is if your a dark brunette and you want a very light ombre’d ends, you just have to take your time in getting there in stages. Even then, it’s not any more damaging, you just have to do it right and have a stylist that is knowledgable and trustworthy and is willing to tell you the truth: That you can’t have the end result immediately, at least not without risking damaging the health of your hair. 
Anything else you’d like to add? 
I’d just say that I’m really proud to work at a place like Post Hair Company where people are knowledgable and passionate about what they do. We’re all about empowering people and making them feel confident about their style. Regardless of whether that’s ombre or balayage or whatever came before or what will surely come after, we help clients optimize whatever style they love and they think looks best on them. Trends are important, but so is personal style. Our team is trained to help you find your personal style and apply it in line with what’s hot.
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