What is Pastelage?


Pastelage is the new balayage. Using a combination of pastel tones applied to the hair with the balayage technique, Pastelage is the latest hair trend sweeping the beauty industry.
Coined by L’Oreal Professionnel, the hair care brand makes Pastelage possible using its  new #colorfulhair semi-permanent in-salon colour palette. The #colorfulhair range features seven intermixable vibrant, intermixable shades. The genius behind L’Oreal’s Pastelage specifically is its versatility and low-committal factor— lasting between three and twelve shampoos, post service.
While L’Oreal Professionnel’s initiated the trend and the  semi-permanent treatment, that is not it for Pastelage. Stylist’s and salons have already adapted the technique and made it their own. Similar to balayage, you can paint the hair either a lot or a little depending on your desired outcome. More women, of all ages, are requesting bold hair color and Pastelage is their answer. Meet Pastelage—the trend of summer 2017.

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