Esthetician interview: Meet Julia


Looking for someone to do your next facial? We know just the person. Post Hair Company’s newest Esthetician, Julia, has been with us just over two weeks but comes with 20 years experience under her belt. Whether you’re looking for your next facial or you’ve never had one before, Julia is ready and eager to assist. Not only does she do facials, all types of waxing and brow tinting are also among her specialities. Find out more about Julia below, and be sure to book your next salon visit at Post Hair Company
What all do you do as an Esthetician?
I do facials, all types of waxing, lash and brow tinting.
How long have you been at Post Hair Company?
Just two weeks now, but I’ve been an Esthetician for about 20 years.
What brought you to Post Hair?
I’ve always heard really good things about Post Hair Company and I’ve always worked with Aveda, all my training has been with Aveda. I was looking to branch out and do some of the more medical treatments.
What services do you specialize in or enjoy doing most?
I love doing brow waxing. I love doing facials and being able to relax people, also making them look and feel good about themselves. Those are my two favorite things, but I really enjoy everything I do for my job.
What is your favorite part about being an Esthetician?
Just that you get to know people—people come back to you. You get to find out about their lives and see them go through different things, it’s always fun to form those relationships.
Anything else you’d like to add about yourself?
I’m just really happy to be at Post Hair Company. I’m really excited to learn some new treatments and meet new people.
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