Stylist Interview: Meet Bre Abelle

Meet Bre Abelle, Post Hair Company’s newest stylist. She’s been doing hair for over six years and has no plans of stopping. Making people feel beautiful and great about themselves is one of Bre’s favorite things, and we too love that about her. Post Hair has a commitment to hiring only the best in the business, and we definitely stick to it. Read on to find out more about the Colorado local, Bre Abelle.
How long have you been working with hair? And why did you get started in the first place?
Over six years now. I always did my friends hair, and when I was in high school me and my husband found out we were pregnant so I needed a career fast. I decided on hair and it’s been so rewarding.
How so?
My sister is a nurse and I feel like she deals with so much sadness, and it makes me thankful for my job because i get to make people feel beautiful everyday. I kind of get to counsel people in a way too, like everyone uses their stylist as a counselor. You know, feeling like you help people or make them feel better about their life, even if it’s just for those two hours, it’s so rewarding.
Is that your favorite part about being a stylist?
Reasons like helping people, yes for sure. But my favorite service would be color.
What do you like about color? What do you specialize in?
I do everything, which is nice. I can cater to all kinds of people. But my favorite is women’s hair, weddings and color. I think the reason I like it so much is because i’m an artist at heart. Whether i’m painting on a canvas or painting on hair, it just feels natural to me.
Why did you decide to come to Post Hair Company?
Well, I live close to here. I’ve heard a lot about Post Hair and I’ve seen them on social media. When I was thinking about switching salons it just stood out in my head so I looked them up and they were hiring, so it was kind of just meant to be.
How long have you been at Post Hair so far?
For a month.
Are their any tips or tricks that you do to your own hair, or recommend to clients?
I used to work at a Blow Dry bar, and everyone wants that like hair they leave the salon with everyday at home, but have a hard time achieving it. My two recommendations are always good product, so that means from foundation to finish. Make sure you aren’t spending 0 on your color and then using shampoo—protect your investment. I always say a good mousse is key and hot rollers. In the 80’s they were so popular and they kind of went out, but that really big, sexy glamorous hair can be achieved without killing your arms with a blow dry. So that’s a good tip.
What’s your favorite product, you mentioned mousse? Any certain brand?
I love the Kerastase Mousse Bouffante and the Shu Uemura. That one is really good because it adds texture for people with finer hair. It’ll give you more texture and longevity.
Anything else you’d like to add? You are from Denver right?
Yes, I am from Denver.
What do you love about Denver and why have you not left?
I always have thought it was cool. I feel like the transformation of the city and seeing that happen as a local is really cool. You know what it used to be and what it is now, it’s cool to see all these big companies coming here and kind of turning it into a destination place. And it’s home, I can stay and be at home and do really great hair.
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