7 Hairstylist Hacks



Ever wonder why your hairstylist’s hair looks so great? Or why you can never achieve that post salon perfect hair on your own? Well today, we’re here to share. Post Hair Company stylists are spilling their secrets and tricks of the trade. We’ve included some additions from celebrity stylist’s too, so keep reading. 
Use Makeup Primer to Fight Frizz: Perfect for a rainy day, place a little face primer on the hair to hold it in place. The silicone in primer, an ingredient commonly used in hair products, will create a smooth, silky surface.
Blow Dry the Top of Your Hair Last: To create maximum volume, blow dry all of your hair except the top section. Dry the top section last and comb it forward as you do so.
Use a T-Shirt to Dry Your Hair: While drying your hair with a traditional towel may be fast, it’s also the easiest way to ruin it. The harsh towel fibers can damage your strands, so instead, opt for an old cotton t-shirt says celebrity hair stylist Justine Marjan.
Curl Hair in a High Ponytail: Running short on time? Pull your hair up in a high ponytail and then curl it. You’ll be left with loose waves that take less than 5 minutes.
Detangle Hair with a Wide Tooth-Comb: Rather than using your standard bristled brush, use a comb when brushing wet hair. Wet hair is far more fragile, and a comb will maintain your hair's natural texture for a soft result, without the damage.
Rinse Hair with Cold Water: While warm water opens a hair’s cuticle, allowing shampoo and conditioner to do it’s job, cold water helps to close the cuticle and lock in moisture. Take the warm shower, but rinse lastly with cold water to achieve shiny and healthy hair.
Hairspray Your Teasing Comb: Another fix for frizz or flyaways is hairspraying your teasing comb. Add a bit of hairspray and comb those flyaways or curls near your face, they’ll be easier to perfect and you won’t be left with crunchy, hairspray hair.
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