Why You Should be Contouring Your Hair

Unlike many trends that come and go, hair contouring is here to stay. The coloring technique is a combination of free hand application, highlighting and balayage paired with careful placement of different tones around the face, to highlight and shadow specific areas. It is great for anyone and everyone because the colors selected are based on your skin tone and positioned specifically based on your face structure. While you may have a general idea of what you’re trying to achieve, an experienced stylist like all of us at Post Hair Company, can work directly with you to achieve the best look for you. Want to know more? Keep reading to find out why you should be contouring your hair.


Highlights are placed based on your face shape.

For round or square faces, lighter shades on the top of the hair and darker tones around the sides will make your face appear slimmer, elongated and more contoured.
For diamond, oblong, and rectangular faces, your stylist should keep the roots and the underneath of the hair dark to create shadow. Single face framing highlights along with lighter pieces weaved in front of the ears will make an elongated face shape appear move oval.
For heart of triangular face shapes, keep the darker color at the top and crown of your head and place lighter pieces at mid lengths and ends to lighten under the jawline. Sections around your hairline can also be lightened to highlight the face.

Contouring results in a natural look that is low maintenance.

Balayage, the technique of painting the hair, gives your stylist the perfect opportunity to make your new color as natural looking as possible. Choosing the right colors is another crucial part of the contouring process, and when done right, the regrowth of your hair will look soft and diffused.
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