Stylist Interview: Meet Mackenzie Kincade


Post Hair Company has a commitment to hiring only the best in the business, and today we want to introduce you to one of our newest stylists Mackenzie Kincade. Having worked at Post Hair only a few weeks, we talked with Kincade about why she chose Post Hair Company and what sparked her career as a stylist. Keep reading to learn more about Post Hair Company’s  newest stylist.
How long have you been at Post Hair Company?
Just a couple weeks now.
What made you come to Post Hair Company?
I like the atmosphere and the work environment. Where I worked before it just felt negative all the time. 
How did you get started doing hair?
One of my friends was a nail tech and I started talking with her about Cosmetology. I’ve always been good with hair so I figured why not give it a shot. So, it was kind of just on a whim and then I started school and i’ve loved it ever since.
What do you love about being a hairstylist?
Getting to interact with other people, that kind of one-on-one basis, lets you get to know different personalities. Then of course the styling side of it is just very artistic and you get to be very expressive. 
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