Stylist Interview: Meet Rachel Pluemer


Whether you haven’t been to the salon in months or you simply want an updated look, Post Hair Company is here to help you feel and look your best. Post Hair Company wants to meet your hair needs, along with offering tips and trends to get the hair you love. To achieve that, we only bring on the best in the business.
Today, we’re introducing you to one of our newest stylists, Rachel Pluemer. From styling hair for big events to being able to master today’s best trends, Rachel is a pro. Learn more about her below and call Post Hair Company to book your next appointment today. 

“I love big, messy, tousled, beachy, sexy hair. That’s my style.”

How long have you been with Post Hair Company?
 A month and a half. 
Where were you before? 
Blow Salon in Colorado, it’s right down the street.
How long have you been a hair stylist? What got you started?
This is my fifth year. One of my friends was in hair school and I’ve always been the person who did everyones hair. I never had thought about it as a career but after she was in it I kind of just went for it and I’m so happy that I did. I didn’t go to school so I didn’t have a backup plan and I think that's what kept me in it. It’s a tough industry to break into.
What do you like about Post Hair Company?
There’s no big brother breathing down your throat, you just take care of your own business and I like that. You just come in, do your thing, go home and that’s how it should be. Everyone is so nice here, too. There’s no cattiness, no drama, if something is up we talk about it. Everyone really gets along here and it’s very refreshing.
What is your favorite thing about being a hair stylist?
I just love when I do the cut and color, and it’s perfect, they love it. They leave and you can just see that they feel so amazing. That’s my favorite part, when your client just absolutely loves what you’ve done and they feel so beautiful. You know, It’s empowering. You get to make women feel beautiful. It’s so amazing.
What do you specialize in?
I do cuts, colors and extensions. 
Any techniques or current trends you’re loving?
I love balayage, it’s so pretty. I just love blonde, everyone should be some form of blonde. I have a lot of blonde clients.
Anything else you’d like to add?
I love special event hair. I love updos, I love prom, I love weddings. I work a decent amount of weddings during the summer, usually I do two  or three . I really enjoy the whole thing of getting someone ready for an event. 
Do you have a favorite hair care product?
I love the whole Kerastase line. I’m so happy to be working with it, it’s amazing. It’s so moisturizing, it’s makes your hair feel so healthy and amazing, it’s hair crack. That was a big selling point to come into Post Hair because it’s a high end product.
Any tips or anything you want your clients to know? 
I teach everyone how to curl with a flatiron because it’s two times faster. It’s so quick and easy and I love the tousled look, I love messy. I love just big, messy, tousled, beachy, sexy hair. That’s my style. 
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