Stylist Perspective- “Post Hair Company is Unique and Rare”

With hundreds of hair salons in the state of Colorado alone, it can be tough trying to choose the right salon for you. While we can’t speak for all the other salons, here at Post Hair Company we stand out because we have a staff that is here to stay. Since experience is more valuable than anything else when it comes to the hair care industry, we are pretty proud of our 142 years of combined service experience. 
At the core, our stylists and staff are what make up the great atmosphere here at Post Hair Company. We recently sat down with our very own Jennifer Olivas, who has been at Post Hair Company for eight  years, to hear what has caused her to stay and what she believes makes our salon stand out.

“It’s just a very nice, nurturing atmosphere. It very much feels like a family for all of us.”


So you’ve been here for eight  years, what makes Post Hair Company unique?
 “It’s a very unique atmosphere where all the stylists get along. We’re all friends with each other and there’s very low drama. We’re also friends with the management and they genuinely care about us and how well we do.”
Can you speak to the average time a stylist typically stays at a salon?
“I’ve heard the industry average is about three  years, and with most of us, its a rare situation that most of us have been here over five  years now.”
Do Post Hair stylists spend any time outside of work together?
“Yes, most of us are friends outside of work, and we actually would like to do more things outside of work.
Even stylists who have moved on in their career, we still maintain friendships with. Stylists who have worked here previously will come in and say hi, and they’re even still friends with management.”

Other Stylists’ Perspectives

I am fortunate enough to work with a group of people that are so focused on creating the best experience and styles for our clients, it's constantly inspiring.” - Tessa Johnson
“When we hire stylists and spa service providers we really look for the right fit for our salon and our family. We want to educate and train our staff the Post Hair way, and even though it's an ongoing process we invest a lot in each of our staff and want them to grow and succeed over time with us.” -Ali Post
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