4 Reasons Why We Love Kerastase


Kerastase is a luxury line of hair care products created through scientific research and advanced ingredients to enhance the natural beauty of your hair. Here at Post Hair Company our very own stylist, Jennifer Olivas is also a Kerastase Brand Ambassador. We use Kerastase products at Post Hair Company and today we’d like to share why we think they’re so great. After sitting down with Olivas, we’ve come up with the following 4 reasons why we love Kerastase.
1. Kerastase is a professional brand and product.
When talking about Kerastase, Olivas explained she appreciated the professional atmosphere around the brand:  “I love the professionalism of the product. They have a great global mission, great image and fantastic products.” And in fact, they do. Kerastase is sold only in Kerastase Authorized Consultant Salons and by doing so, Kerastase aims to eliminate diversion— the selling of products in “unauthorized” places.
2. It’s a trusted Product with High End Ingredients. 
As mentioned above, Kerastase uses advanced ingredients to enhance your hair’s natural beauty. While other hair care products simply use single oils or argan  oil, Kerastase products have seven different oils in one single product. “I feel that the products really do what they say so I feel confident standing behind them when I recommend them to my clients,” Olivas says.

3. It’ll create soft, wearable hair.
“It keeps in mind that a lot of people love the soft, flowy more wearable hair. You can achieve more avant garde styles, but the products really cater to long, pretty and flowy hair types,”said Olivas. Kerastase also has plenty of tailored products for specific hair types including dry, fine and color treated hair.
4. It’s the best product for most women.
“It’s the best product for most women for a daily type use. It’s simple, it doesn’t take 40 products to achieve a look,” Olivas said. While the price point of Kerastase products may seem a bit high, it’s important to understand you’re really getting what you pay for. 
“The products are so concentrated, it’ll really last you a long time.”
What is Olivas favorite Kerastase product? Pictured above on the left is the Mousse Bouffante she says it “gives you a voluminous hold without the stickiness.” Post Hair Company also offers 20 percent off all retail products every Friday.

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