5 Microblading Misconceptions Debunked


Back in July, we introduced you to our new Microblading service at Post Hair Company. Today, we want to directly address some of the most-common misconceptions that surround the beauty service. You may have read that Microblading is similar to eyebrow extensions or that it is high maintenance to maintain, well, our Permanent Makeup Artist and Licensed Aesthetician, Melanie, is here to put those fallacies to rest. We sat down with Melanie to talk all things Microblading and have the following misconceptions debunked.

Can you tell us about your professional background?

I am a Permanent Makeup Artist & Licensed Aesthetician in Denver, Colorado. My training specifically for Permanent Makeup advanced at the Beau Institute and private trainings with hundreds of hours of cases. My artistic background for brow artistry began when I received training at Anastasia Beverly Hills early in my career 15 years ago and I still apply my knowledge to every client in the microblading process today. I am very grateful to be able to use  the most cutting edge techniques.

What is Microblading? Is it a multi-step process?

The Microblading process is a multi-step process. A consultation is a must to go over health history, the clients expectations, color, design and a realistic outcome. The actual treatments vary and can take anywhere from 90-120 minutes. Microblading doesn’t hurt as we move in a very slow, precise motion to create hair like strokes. Using the finest pigments for your skin tone and easy aftercare, clients return to their normal routines the same day. Clients should return for a touchup at 5-8 weeks.

Is it permanent?

Microblading is permanent. By definition and tattoo industry standards, color is implanted into the dermis. Pigments will fade in the skin over time but that doesn’t make the process semi-permanent. It is impossible to predict how much pigment will fade away and every client is different. Because of this, microblading may not last as long as compared to a fully or solidly filled eyebrow tattoo. We implant less pigment and that is why touch ups are required. Overall, microblading is very low maintenance if proper technique is used and proper aftercare is followed.

Is Microblading for everyone?

Microblading is a great option for correcting gaps, creating symmetry, post cancer hair loss or aging hair loss, alopecia or just enhancement. A consultation should always be done to review clients health, expectations and skin tone. This allows me to make sure I use the proper microblades upon treatment for best results.

How is Microblading similar and/or different to eyebrow extensions?

Microblading Brows is not similar to Brow Extensions. Brow extensions are placed on top
of the skin with an adhesive. You must go in for brow extension fills weekly, where microblading is permanent.

How has Microblading Evolved?

Microblading is currently the fastest growing segment in the Cosmetic Tattoo Industry. The use of hand tools is the oldest form of tattooing, dating back thousands of years. Many modern tools have amazing and precise needle configuration and with the rediscovery of great techniques by an advanced permanent makeup artist, microblading has evolved into it's very own art form to create beautiful brows.

What are some other Microblading Misconceptions?

 The term micro pigmentation is a term that means applying pigments into the skin regardless of the application method used. If the technique is correct, all application methods can have amazing results. Thus, microblading is micro pigmentation and requires a lot of training and the highest quality of products like I use daily in my studio.
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