Introducing Ember Hair Extensions

Have you always wanted longer, stronger and thicker hair? Well, look no further than hair extensions at Post Hair Company. We’re  working specifically with Ember Hair extensions to bring you real, custom made hair extensions that’ll match your natural hair. We talked with Post Hair Stylist Tessa, to get her insight on these new extensions. “I’ve had just about every kind of extension out there and this by far has been the least damaging to my natural hair” Tessa says. Read more below and see for yourself why we’re thrilled to be offering this great new service.

Ember Hair extensions are 100% European fair-trade hair, making them the softest of all hair extensions. They are double weft, meaning they are sewn and threaded, and micro beaded rather than individual strands. Weft extensions have no tape or line which in turn allows the hair extensions to lay flatter on the head. Five microbeads per weft and five wefts complete a full set of Ember Hair extensions. The extensions use microbeads because they offer less pain and irritation on the scalp, and also help distribute extension weight. While some extensions use adhesive or glue, that is not the case with Ember Hair. Inside each microbead is a keratin coating, that will protect and prevent breakage unlike other extensions.
The thing we may like most about Ember Hair is the ability to completely customize the extensions based on each customer. When you come into Post Hair Company for your consultation, we can either take a picture of your hair or cut a small piece of it. We in turn send that in, and your hair extensions are made to blend and match to your existing hair. We are even able to give specific highlight or lowlight numbers to ensure perfection. 
Another great thing about these extensions are the care they are given before they are sent to us. Each ponytail is kept together and laid the same way as the hair naturally would. The cuticles all remain together which ensures the hair remains in its natural state. Since the extensions are followed from start to finish, the quality ensures less frizz, knotting, and the best possible match for your hair. 
So, are you sold? Call Post Hair Company at 303-794-5060 to book your hair extension consultation today. 

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