5 Modern Back to School Hairstyles


As summer sadly comes to an end, some of you may be thinking about your back to school looks. Have you finished school shopping but now need some new hairstyles to compliment your wardrobe? That’s where we come in. Below are some modern hair styles to give a try in 2016. Perfect for back to school or just the end of summer, any of these look are sure to turn heads.

Micro Bangs

Instagram: @teegly
Also known as baby bangs, micro bangs were first spotted on the runway. From runway to everyday, this hairstyle is definitely achievable for many. Whether sleek or wispy, extra short bangs will bring out your best facial features.


Boxer Braids

Instagram: @maililisasabone
We’re loving these sporty braids for back to school. You can braid your hair all the way back or even bring the two braids into one bun. Whichever you choose, boxer braids are sure to hold strong throughout the entire school day.


Half Bun

Instagram: @luiny
Give your beachy summer hair a twist with this half up, half down look. Pull the top of your hair back and leave it messy or brush it back for a more clean look. You could braid the top into a bun or even twist your bangs, this is the perfect hairstyle to make your own.


Messy Braided Crown

Instagram: @brittsully
Braids were perfect for summer and there’s no reason they can’t be for school too. Simply pull your hair over to one side, make your regular braid and then secure it at the end. Go ahead and pull out a few layers to achieve that perfect undone look.


Double Buns

Instagram: @nalasu
You may have seen Khloe Kardashian or even Ariana Grande pull off this look lately, but we’re here to tell you you can too. Similar to the previous modern hairstyles, there are many variations of the double bun. You could pull all of your hair back or even part it and leave half down, it’s really up to you and your outfit.
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