New Service Alert- Eyelash Extensions


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Last week we introduced you to our new Microblading service to perfect your brows, but this week, it’s all about the eyelashes. Another new service at Post Hair Company is our Eyelash Extensions. You may know the feeling of trying a new mascara every month just to be unsatisfied with the result. Well, a solution may be our eyelash extensions. Save money and save time with this new Post Hair Company service.
Lash extensions at Post Hair Company are all about you, the curl, the length and the weight. You’ll sit down with our advanced lash artist to decide on a customized look, classic or volume, that works best for you. Then, by placing lash by lash, we’ll perfect your new look. Post Hair will also educate you on how to take care of your new lashes but don’t worry, they will withstand just about everything in your everyday life. Additionally, we offer eyelash fills that last 2-4 weeks and take about an hour. 
Melanie, our lash artist, is certified in Lash Extensions by the top leading brands and has spent over 200 hours in training. Post Hair Company is also committed to the highest quality lashes and products on the market, so you’re in good hands. Exclusive to Post Hair, Melanie will be carrying a premium adhesive on August 17. This adhesive is specific for Colorado’s lack of humidity and it’ll give your lashes more longevity. The only question is, are you ready to wake up with perfect, luscious eyelashes everyday? If so, call Post Hair Company at 303-794-5060 to book your appointment today.
** The below prices are the starting prices for Eyelash Extensions at Post Hair Company. Every client is different so be sure to call and book a consultation for specific pricing.
New Classic set: 199 Dollars
New Volume Set: 285 Dollars
Lash fill: 79-160 Dollars

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