The Quicker & Cheaper Way to Balayage —101 of Lacing

You may be familiar with the hair color technique Balayage, but today we want to talk about a little something calling Lacing— the coloring technique that makes hair lighter and brighter on the ends. While the technique tends to have different names depending on the company or salon you go to, here at Post Hair Company, we’re referring to Flamboyage, or Lacing.


What is Lacing?

Similar to Balayage, but Lacing adds in an extra step of backcombing. When sectioning off small pieces of the hair, you simply backcomb at the top and then paint  the color on the ends of the hair. The added step of backcombing diffuses the line of color and gives the hair a more lived in look. Our stylist Ashlee Olson says  Lacing benefits include lower maintenance, softer color and less time in the salon chair. Ashlee also told us, “One of the things I like about it over Balayage is it’s easier to get that real icy light blonde.”
Lacing at Post Hair Company will also save you money when compared to other hair color techniques. Ashlee specifically charges 55 dollars for a flash color, being a few strands at the top and around the hairline (pictured above). Lastly, the great thing about Lacing is it’s still customizable. Whether you’re looking for soft peek a boo color or a more saturated color all over, our stylists at Post Hair Company are more than ready to accommodate. Take a look at some before and after Lacing photos below.




Hair Colored & Styled by Ashlee Olson

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