5 No Heat Hairstyles to Try Right Now

It’s never a bad idea to give your hair a break from the heat of your curlers, flat irons and blow dryers. Taking even a small break will give your hair time to grow, keep it naturally moisturized and less frizzy. What could be wrong with that? Just in time for spring and summer, take a look at these effortless no heat hairstyles.

Sea Salt Spray

This may be the simplest no heat hairstyle. Spray a sea salt or beach spray to damp hair and scrunch to distribute the product. You can twist your bangs or other strands to create distinct waves throughout. Let your hair naturally air dry and add a little hairspray for volume and hold. Check out a few sea salt sprays for different hair types here.

Sleep in Braids

Another way to create curly, voluminous hair is braiding before bed. You can do two french braids or even simple twists. Cut down on your morning routine with this quick tutorial. When you twist your hair you’ll avoid hair puffing as it dries, leaving you with smooth, natural curls. 

Scarf or Bandana

This no heat hairstyle is great for second day hair. Grab your favorite scarf or bandana and mix it with your classic ponytail or messy bun. While it may take a few tries to master your tying technique, look here for a few different ways you can tie a scarf in your hair.

Upside Down Braided Bun

Add a little flare to your top knot with this no heat hairstyle. It is surprisingly not as difficult as you would think to braid upside down, you can find out how here. Wear your braid polished or messy for summer, you can even modify this style if you prefer a pony rather than a bun.

Bubble Ponytail

Another pulled back style, this is a new twist on your typical ponytail. Pull all of your hair into a high pony or sweep it back into a low pony, whichever you prefer. Measure a few inches down and secure with another elastic. Gently pull out the hair between the elastics to create the bubble shape and continue down the length of your pony. See a full tutorial here.
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