Customer Testimonial: A Spa Day at Post Hair Company


This is a personal customer review of their experience at Post Hair Company. She received the ‘New Life’ Mother’s Day package which is meant for moms to be, usually including prenatal massage, but great for anyone. Read on to hear more about her experience.

Last week I received the “New Life” spa package including a 60 minute massage followed by a 45 minute facial at Post Hair Company. Never having a facial before and previously only one massage, I was eager to be pampered.
The Massage
I first stepped beyond a door into a full spa room, separate from the rest of the salon. I felt comfortable from the start as I was guided into a locker room area and given a fuzzy robe and sandals. A locker and key allowed me to house my belongings safely while I was there. I was introduced to the woman who would be giving the massage, and she walked me through what was about to happen. The whole atmosphere in the massage room was very zen, low lighting with faint natural music playing in the background. I will say I felt extremely at ease and relaxed during the entire massage. There was very minimal talking between the two of us, and I felt taken care of and focused on as the client.  The products used had a fresh, light smell that never became overbearing. When the massage was finished I was given water and a chance to relax a bit before the facial. 
The Facial
The facial was in a separate room and I was given a smaller robe to wrap up in. The esthetician started by wiping my skin clean to remove all makeup. She took her time to remove all impurities on my skin before starting any treatments. I was already so relaxed from having the massage first, the facial felt very soothing. I remember it being in layers, she would do one treatment and then wipe it away, or that is at least what it felt like. I was given a microdermabrasion  and then had my face wrapped in a hot towel. The facial included a bit of massage on my face and neck. What I remember most was how the products felt on my skin. The Sanitas Skincare was so fresh and light, I could feel it after each treatment. My skin felt like it truly had new life and I didn’t want that feeling to go away.

Review by Carly Connor

I would recommend this spa package to my own mother or anyone for that matter. The staff at Post Hair Company made me feel comfortable and they were all attentive to the service. I could tell they not only enjoyed their jobs but enjoyed making their clients happy. Another amenity along with any spa service at Post is the sauna and shower. I didn’t use them myself but the staff let me know they are available for all spa clients.
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