6 Hairstyles to Pull Off When You're in A Hurry


If you’re like us, sometimes you find yourself in a rush to get out the door. Maybe you overslept, or just hit the snooze button a few too many times, we don’t blame you. Below are a few quick solutions for when you’re having one of those days. Embrace your messy hair or pull it all back into a sleek bun, there’s no reason everyone has to know you were in a hurry.

Top Knot


 Whether you want to wear it sleek or messy, a top knot can be achieved in no time. Perfect for second day hair, add a little hairspray and pull all of your hair up into a bun. Click here for a full tutorial.

Messy Natural Wave

Brush out your day before hair and apply a little texturizing spray to get this effortless look. Add a few curls if you have time, or toss on a hat for those untamable hair days.

Pulled Back Bang

Simple and cute, this hairstyle can be pulled off in seconds. Grab some bobby pins or a cute clip and twist your bangs away from your face.

Low Messy Bun

Part your hair as you’d like and sweep the rest back into a low bun, add some dry shampoo to disguise unwashed hair. Polished or messy, you can wear this hairstyle with something casual or dressy. Click here for a full tutorial. 


It doesn't get much easier than the ponytail. You can wear it slick or tease to make messy. Consider adding a hair accessory or twisting one strand around your hair tie for a chic look.

Half Up Knot


 Similar to the top knot, this half knot hairstyle offers something a little different. Section hair off with a hair tie, then twist and pin into place. This style is simple and great for both long and short hair. Click here for a full tutorial.

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