Stylist Interview: Meet Maggie Murphy


Need a hair update? Post Hair Company is here to help you feel and look your best this season. Post Hair Company wants to meet your hair needs while also offering tips and trends to help you achieve the hair you love. To do so, we only bring on the best in the business. Today, we’re introducing you to one of our stylists, Maggie Murphy.

Learn more about her below.
When did you first start wanting to be a stylist?
As a little girl I would watch my aunts color each other's hair in the kitchen. It was such a social event, lots of laughter. My best memories are tied to my Nana and aunts doing hair.
Where did you attend school?
I attended the Xenon Academy in Aurora, CO.
How long have you been working in a salon?
I am in my first year as a stylist!
What do you specialize in as a stylist?
I currently work as a cutting specialist. I love short cuts. There's so much that goes into making them just right, they're my favorite!
What is the best part of your job?
The best part of my job is being creative and making people happy. There is something about getting your hair done that makes you feel so good about yourself. That's priceless and I feel blessed that I get to spend my days helping people feel their best.
When and why did you want to start working at Post Hair Company?
When I started looking for my first job I knew I wanted to work in the best salon with the best products. I focused my job search on salons that carry Kerastase and that led me to Post. After meeting Leigh Ann and her family I knew that this was exactly where I wanted to be.
What is your favorite aspect about the salon so far?
So far my favorite aspect is the incredibly talented stylists that I get to work with every day. As a new stylist you rely heavily on the advice and guidance of your co workers. Everyone here has been so welcoming and encouraging. In addition to being the absolute best in the industry, they're all genuinely amazing people.
 What is a hair trend that you're loving right now?
I love that shorter hair for women is in right now. It opens up so many options and makes it easier for women to feel confident and stylish without long Victoria Secret hair. It's not always a realistic possibility for every woman. 
What are your favorite hair products?
I absolutely love the L'oreal Liss Unlimited Smoothing Cream and Serum. It works so well for smoothing coarse or unruly hair, it smells amazing and it isn't heavy at all. I also love the Kerastase Chroma Riche shampoo and mask. It helps keep my color so vibrant!
What can a client expect from you experience wise when getting their hair done?
I think a client can expect a haircut with lots of attention to detail. Since I'm in the early stages of my career, I've been trained to spend a lot of time consulting with my client to make sure that I get the perfect look for them. They can also expect a pretty bubbly and energetic stylist since I am the definition of a people person. There is nothing that I love more than meeting new people!
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