Why You Should Only Buy Your Hair Products at a Salon


Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could get their hair professionally washed and styled everyday? Since no one else is Oprah, most of us go into the salon about once per month and have to wash, dry and style our hair from home everyday. But with so many options to choose from for everyday hair care, which is the best? If there’s one thing we can’t say enough about this, it’s that you shouldn’t buy any of your hair care products, or even skincare products, online or at a drugstore. 
“Diversion is something we fight with everyday, trying to educate clients on why they shouldn't purchase from a big box store or online,” said Ali Post. “A lot of times products are old and expired, a lot of times they aren't even the right product...no joke!”
Even if you commit to buying bigger brands at a drugstore, it might not even be the actual product. 
“I personally have seen a Kerastase masque at Target that is a normally is white in color,” she said. “The  masque they were selling at Target was out of the box packaging it normally comes in and the masque itself was blue in color - not even close to the right product.” 
Even though the hair and skincare products at the grocery store are cheaper in price, you’ll end up doing more damage, which could cost even more in the end. Why not start out with the best product for your hair and skin from the beginning? 
Here are 4 reasons why you should only purchase products at a salon

You never know what you’re going to get elsewhere. 
You might think you’re saving time and money by purchasing products online. But how do you even know they’re the real deal – or even if they’re still within their “use by” date? 
Post says, “Products do have a shelf life and if you purchase something that is well past its expiration, it loses its efficiency and the expired product may not be stable any longer and could cause serious damage to your skin or hair.”

Cheap products are watered down.
Why spend money on a bottle of shampoo that is only about half product, half water? You already run water through your hair in the shower, so you definitely don’t need to purchase anymore. 


We know what’s best for your hair.  
You come into the salon to get advice and a professional experience from our educated staff, right? Your stylist knows everything about your hair by the time you leave - and that includes how to upkeep it. We’ll never suggest purchasing something at a grocery store because we know that quality is important when it comes to hair. We’ll suggest the perfect product for your hair and help you pick it out up front.

Our products are salon exclusive. 
The best way to ensure you’re putting safe and effective product on your hair is to buy it here, in the salon. Why? Because we only sell salon-exclusive products. You’ll know what you’re buying, and it’ll be the perfect product for your hair’s needs, instead of everyone else’s.
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