Post Hair Company Now Offers jane iredale Cosmetics


In the world of beauty products, there are so many choices. But what you might not know, is that many of the makeup and beauty collections out there aren’t as good for your skin and health as they might appear to be. 
With being so conscious of what goes inside our bodies today, we can’t forget about what goes on our bodies - and makeup shouldn’t take a backseat to healthy alternatives. 
Thankfully, there’s a collection of cosmetics and products available that is extensively tested to ensure it’s good for your skin and health, while also making you look and feel beautiful. Post Hair Company is excited to now carry jane iredale Cosmetics
Post Hair Company spoke with Corrina Buchanan of jane iredale Cosmetics to learn about how Jane went from England to Hollywood, why she wanted to create this line of cosmetics, and why it works so well for the Colorado woman. 

Tell us a little about Jane's background and how she got to this point.
Jane Iredale was born in London, England and moved to the United States as a young woman. She attended the University of Albany and obtained her master’s degree in English and Philosophy. During her undergraduate studies she started her career in the entertainment industry. She worked first as a casting director and then as a writer and producer in both New York and Los Angeles.  Jane then moved on to create her eponymous makeup line that she could feel good about producing and women could feel good about wearing!
When did Jane Iredale products launch and why did Jane want to start this collection of makeup? 
Jane’s first collection launched April of 1994, with Amazing Base. Jane wanted to create a line that would nurture the skin, not irritate it. She became passionate about creating this product after being in the entertainment business. Jane realized there was not a makeup on the market that was good for the skin.
What makes this collection different than the competitors'? 
jane iredale is different than other makeup lines because we use the highest quality ingredients available to ensure satisfaction with performance, coverage, application, and texture. Our minerals conform to the most current technology available to guarantee broad spectrum sun protection. Our minerals bind together upon application, so they resist running, creasing, and smearing. There is minimal allergy risk because we conduct safety tests. Our products are allergy tested, clinically tested, and dermatologist tested. We also are conscious about using ingredients that are calming to the skin. We use natural preservatives. Our particle sizes are tested. There are no Nano particles in any of our products. The nature of our high quality minerals interact with light to give a soft focus finish. Our finishes range from sheer to full, from luminescent to velvety.  

How should a woman feel when wearing makeup?  
Jane wants women to feel empowered to make a healthy decision about wearing a makeup that provides the coverage they need but the ingredients for the most beautiful skin.
Do jane iredale products help achieve this? 
I myself feel better every day when applying my makeup because I spend so much time and money on my skin. I am happy there is a makeup that follows suit with my skin care and treatments I receive.  
Post Hair Company is now using these products. Do you think it's a good fit for the Colorado woman?
jane iredale makes for a perfect fit for active women in Colorado who lead busy lives. Our minerals protect against the harmful rays with no question and require minimal touch-ups. We have a range of foundation shades and finishes, so we can accommodate any woman here in Colorado. There is no stopping us.  
Do you have any tips for using this makeup? 
Less is better when using our products. There are no fillers or talc in our brand so less product goes a long way. Using the correct brush and finishing spray with each formula will go hand-in-hand with the perfect application.  
What's one trend jane iredale Cosmetics is showcasing right now? 
A modern smoky eye kit that is inspired by busy women everywhere who want to look their best during this hectic season, but with effortless ease.  
Any last details?  
Jane loves hearing consumer feedback! So if there is a product you are yearning for that we do not currently provide, send us your feedback and product requests. Jane is happy to look into production. Our wheels are always turning and inspiration is everywhere.  

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