5 Hairstyles For Christmas Party Inspiration


Whether or not you’re ready, Christmas Eve is only one week from today. If you haven’t purchased something for everyone on your Christmas list yet, Post Hair Company has a list of awesome gifts, all under 100 dollars. 
Besides worrying about the gifts, many of us are putting together outfits for a Christmas party or celebration, happening this weekend or next week. Picking out the perfect outfit might be easy, but what about your hair? 
If you need a little inspiration for a hairdo that’ll impress everyone at your holiday party, we’ve put together a list from some of the best tutorials on Pinterest. Have a happy hair-holiday with these easy hair looks. 
5 hairstyles to rock on Christmas: 
Perhaps the quickest and most simple way to style your hair for the holidays is by adding a red bow. If you don’t have much time because you’re busy in the kitchen or traveling to see family, you can put half of your hair up, and simply add a little ribbon. 

Having long hair in the winter is both good and bad. It keeps your ears warm, but it’s hard to style to keep away from all the layers you’re wearing. This long ponytail might look intricate, but it’s relatively simple. Keep your hair out of the way while still looking fashionable. 

Braids work well in any season. If you have short hair, opt for a small side braid like the one pictured above. If you have long hair, check out this braid tutorial

Want to really get in the Christmas spirit? Add some Christmas berries on a headband. Your hair will look well-styled, while also nailing the holiday in all of its wonder. 

Updos are probably the classiest way to style your hair for the holidays. But who has the time to learn how to do an updo on Christmas morning? Thankfully, we have thousands of simple tutorials on Pinterest. Tip: Try it out a few days before to get it down before the big day! 

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