4 Spa Treatments You Should Try Now

Post Hair Company is primarily known for its hair services. From color to cut, and even personalized hairstyles for an event, we offer practically ever hair service out there. 
But did you know that Post Hair Company also has a state-of-the-art spa? Whether you want to pamper yourself with a massage, take care of your dry skin this season or maintain that summer glow, we offer a variety of spa services that will make you feel and look great. 
Here are 4 spa treatments you should try now: 
Customized Massage
Whether you get massages monthly to help you relax, or you’re feeling a little stressed this month, a massage a is great way to relax and spend a little time healing. If you’re in a rush, Post Hair offers a quick 30-minute massage. If you need a while to process your thoughts and let your muscles breathe, we also offer 60 minutes and a full 90-minute massage. 
Learn more about massage treatments. 
Essential Facial 
From late nights at the office to weekend nights where we forget to wash our skin (a skincare sin), we put our skin through a lot. If you get a facial once a month or you’ve never received one, now’s the perfect time before the winter air hits. An essential facial will clean up your pores and get your skin glowing and feeling silky smooth again. if you have specific skincare needs, be sure to tell our skin experts so they can help you maintain lasting results! 
Learn more about the essential facial

Airbrush Spray Tan

Loved your tan this summer but don’t want to get skin damage from those terrible tanning beds? Post Hair Company has the solution. Our airbrush spray treatment will bronze your skin, while also defining abs, glutes, above the knee and back of arms. Our Body Bronzing product was developed by a dermatologist to give you the best tan ever without the harmful effects of the sun.
Learn more about the Airbrush Spray Tan
Mile-high Hydrating with Power Peptide Facial
Living in Colorado, we put our skin through the elements hardcore. From a hot sun to freezing temperatures, it’s no wonder why our skin can get super dry here. That’s why Post Hair offers the Mile-high Hydrating with Power Peptide Facial. It’s the perfect boost your dry skin needs to prepare for the next season ahead, while also repairing last season’s damage. This facial is 60 minutes and includes: Potent Peptides to smooth fine lines and strengthen the skin by facilitating collagen production; Epidermal growth factor that stimulates cellular repair and firms elasticity.
Learn more about the Mile-High Hydrating Facial

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