Meet Leigh Ann Post, Owner of Post Hair Company


Leigh Ann Post, with son Billy Post

Since 1988, Post Hair Company has been a staple hair salon and spa in the Greenwood Village area. But something that you might not know, is that this is a family owned salon that is still owned by its founder. 
Read our interview with Leigh Ann Post, owner of Post Hair Company to find out about Leigh Ann’s love for the industry, how she got her start, and why clients of Post Hair Company will get the best experience in town. 

Tell us a little about you. When did you first start doing hair? 
Leigh Ann Post: I grew up in South Korea and met my husband while he was in the service during the Vietnam War. We were married and I immigrated to the United States in 1971. We moved from California to Colorado in 1978 to raise our family and we have been here ever since. I had worked in healthcare and in hospitals as a young adult and decided to go to cosmetology school in 1979 and I have been doing hair ever since.  
Why did you love working in this industry?  
Working in health care was not something that made me happy. I really felt like hair was something that could showcase my creativity and I could change lives and make people happy at the same time! Hair is something that is so simple but can make people feel amazing and that is why I wanted to get into the industry in the first place.

Leigh Ann Post
Why did you want to open your own salon?  
When I first started doing hair there were a lot of women in the industry as stylists, however, not many women salon owners. I really wanted to make my own path and be different. The opportunity came up to open my own salon and I jumped at the chance to make a difference and build a business for myself and  my family.
What was your goal with this salon? 
I had been the head color educator at a salon before I opened my own business and I really wanted to focus on color when we started out. I wanted to make people feel special and help people feel beautiful with color.  
Why did you choose this particular location? 
We originally had been located at Orchard and University for around 18 years, and 11 years ago we started to look for a new location because the lease was up on our current space. We wanted to stay close enough to accommodate our current clients yet find a new space to hopefully build a larger clientele and service a new area. We found the space we currently are in and felt it accomplished all of those goals and so we built the building and opened 10 years ago.

When did you add on the spa and why did you want it to be apart of Post Hair? 
The spa was was opened to simply be a convenience to clients. We wanted our clients to be able to get everything done in one space: hair, skin care, massage and nails. We wanted to be a one-stop shop.
Tell us about your staff. Are they chosen based on certain needs? 
We feel very lucky with the staff we have chosen over the years. This industry can have a somewhat high turnover rate and we of course have had turnover. However, we like to hire people who want to have a career with us and grow with our company. We like to hire people based on their personality and people who are friendly and service-oriented, and if we need to help train and educate them that is fine. We just really hire people who are the 'right fit' for our salon.
What kind of experience will a client get when they visit?  
The most important thing we want clients to experience is making them feel comfortable. We never want them to feel intimidated here. Our stylists and service providers are here to make them beautiful! We have a phenomenal staff and we really want to put forth a team oriented environment so everyone that comes through our doors gets top notch service every single time, and no matter who they see they get the same great quality from each and every stylist.

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