Post Hair Company Offers 142 Years of Combined Experience in the Hair Industry


In the state of Colorado, there are hundreds of hair salons. You see them in practically every shopping center and even inside shopping malls. But what separates each of these salons from one another and how do you choose which salon to go to? 
We can’t speak for all the other salons but at Post Hair Company, we stand out because we have staff that is here to stay, has years of experience, and keeps up with the latest trends. 
Combined, Post Hair Company has 142 years of service experience. Owner of Post Hair Company Leigh Ann has over 36 years of experience. A couple of our stand-out stylists, Ashlee and Adrianne, have six and 11 years of experience (respectively). Since experience is more valuable than anything else when it comes to the hair care industry, we’re pretty proud of that. 
Plus, to keep up with the latest trends we see on the red carpet, in magazines and on the runway, Post Hair Company enlists L’Oreal to train our stylists. “That’s why I came to Post Hair,” said Ashlee Olsen, stylist. “For someone that’s been in the industry for awhile, education is important.”
To learn a little more about Post Hair Company’s philosophy behind experience, keeping up with the trends, and why the salon hires “career stylists” instead of those who style for a hobby, we spoke to Ali Post of Post Hair Company. 

Why do you want to hire "career stylists" for Post Hair Company? 
We feel very lucky to be a part of such a growing industry and an industry that is built around creativity and artists that get to "show off" their talent on a daily basis. We like to hire stylists that are passionate about their work and take it seriously and stylists that want to grow with us as a company.  This is truly a family business and when we hire someone we really look at them as our family, and we want to give them all the tools they need to succeed. We have found over the years that career stylists are focused on education, just as our company is. To make the client’s experience top notch we want to provide our stylists with as much ongoing education as possible so they can grow and succeed!
Is growth with stylists important to Post Hair? 
Most definitely! When we hire stylists and spa service providers we really look for the right fit for our salon and our family. We want to educate and train our staff the Post Hair way, and even though it's an ongoing process we invest a lot in each of our staff and want them to grow and succeed over time with us.  
How do you condition stylists to new trends and products? 
This industry is always evolving which is one of the reasons we love it! Our partnerships with L'Oreal Professionnel, Kerastase and Shu Uemura provide constant education on trends and products throughout each year. We really try to focus on having really great relationships with a few, select partners so we can educate ourselves in the smartest way possible. Our brand reps are part of our family as well. We trust them and know they are always here to help in any way they possibly can!  

Tell us a little about the L'Oreal classes.Tell us about those.
Most all are hands-on and the educators they provide to us are fantastic and knowledgeable in the industry. We are very fortunate to have these educators come into our salon and work with our staff in an intimate setting so they get the most out of each class. Each year we also reward a few of our staff with classes in either New York or California as a thank you for all the hard work they do. It's a fun way for them to get a little vacation as well as some amazing education in a really fun setting!
How do these classes then help the clients at Post Hair? 
Because this industry is ever-changing, education is the key to making the client’s experience the absolute best it can be! We want our staff to be up on current trends and have new and fun ideas for their clients so they can offer a new look or that little change the client may be seeking with their hair. Hair can make you feel beautiful and amazing and we want every one of our clients to leave here feeling their absolute best!
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