5 Fall Hair Trends to Try Now

Yesterday marked the official first day of fall. To some, this means driving around Colorado to look at the beautiful leaves changing color. Or it means heading to the Denver Broncos home games throughout the season. But to those of us in the beauty industry, it means fall hair trends. 
Whether you haven’t been into the salon since last fall or you’ve been in recently but haven’t changed up your look, fall is the perfect time to consider a new style, cut or color. 
Here are 5 fall trends to try now: 
The Low Ponytail 
photo courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar 
This fall trend is something you can do without changing your color and having a big commitment. It’s called the low ponytail and it was seen all over New York Fashion Week. It’s basically starting your ponytail near your shoulders instead of in the middle of your head. It’ll give your hair a fuller look and will play up your locks. 

Defined Side Part 
photo courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar 
The hair part probably isn’t something you pay too much attention to. You stick with the same one and move on to style your hair based on that day’s look. But the part can drastically change up your look in a great way. Defined side parts are big this season. They can also make your hair look fuller. So play with it and change up your part! 

Baby Lights
photo courtesy of PopSugar 
Last week, we told you about baby lights - a hair technique stylists use when you don’t want to strong of highlights, but want a little something. Baby lights mimic the natural colors you had in your hair as a child. They aren’t as big of a commitment as highlights, but they’ll still make a statement. 

Natural Waves 
Photo courtesy of Bumble and Bumble
For some of us, it takes over an hour to get our hair looking the way we want it before we leave the house. Another big trend this season might save you an ample amount of time. Curl your hair one day, sleep on it, and wake up to natural waves the next. You can also lightly dry your hair with a blowdryer, then let it dry by itself, giving you the same look. All hair types are different, but achieving the natural wave look this season looks great on everyone.  

photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan 
In the celeb hair world, changing color is shocking and spreads all over social media. One style a lot of celebs are achieving this season is bronde. This is an in-between blonde and brunette look. You can see it on celebs like Taylor Swift and Chrissy Teigen above. 

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