Hair-tionary: 8 Hair Stylist Terms You Should Know

If you’re not a hair stylist, there are some terms you’ll hear in the salon that might sound foreign to you. At Post Hair Company, our stylists know that clients don’t always know what these words mean, so we ask plenty of questions and listen to the look you’re going for, before putting them into technical salon terms. 
But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn these words to both surprise your stylist, along with getting the look you really want. To help, we’ve put a list together of some major terms used in the salon world. 
Here are 8 salon terms you should know: 
1. Sombre: Don’t want to go all the way with ombre but want more oomph than balayge? Ask for a “sombre” – it’s the combination of an ombre and the balayage treatment. 

2. Baby lights: If highlights are too strong for you, baby lights make be the perfect addition to your color. Baby lights are fine highlights that mimic the sun kissed hair look you’d get as a child. 

3. Point Cut: Getting a hair cut but don’t want it to be too clean? A point cut is when scissors are used to cut hair vertically instead of horizontally. A point cut will make your hair more piecey and a little more edgy. 

4. Dusting: Hair should be trimmed every four or so months. But if you’re really worried about how much length is cut off, ask for a “dusting.” This is the most minimal amount that will be cut from your hair. 

5. Chemical Cut: If you’re ever sitting in the stylist’s chair and they say that you’ve had a “chemical cut,” the time has come to get your hair’s act together. This means that your hair so over-processed that it breaks off and looks like it was cut. To keep from getting this unwanted cut, come in and let us help get your hair to healthy before it’s too late. 

7. Slithering: Believe it or not, some of us were blessed with too much thickness in our hair. A way to help with this is “slithering.” This is done with thinning shears to help even out and thin your hair where it gets heavy in certain areas. 

8. Weight line: Speaking of lots of hair, there is such a thing called a weight line – and it’s in everyone’s hair. The weight line is the heaviest part of your hair. The area differs in everyone, but consider it your thickness - and heaviest - hair point on your head. 

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