Meet Your Stylist: Ashlee Olsen


Whether you haven’t had your hair done in years or you simply want an updated look, Post Hair Company is here to help you feel and look your best this season. Post Hair Company wants to meet your hair needs, along with offering tips and tricks to get the hair you love. To achieve that, we only bring on the best in the business. 
Today, we’re introducing you to one of our new stylists, Ashlee Olsen. She might be new to the Post Hair Company team, but her talent has already allotted her ‘best stylist” nominations and she even took home the award last year. 
New stylist profile: Ashlee Olsen 

When did you first start wanting to be a stylist? 
Ashlee Olsen: When I was 15 and started my first ever job, that's when I met my future hair stylist. She gave me her card and I went in for a cut and highlight. I was inspired from there to be a hairstylist.
Where did you attend school?
The Aveda Institute in Minneapolis 
How long have you been working in a salon? 
While I was going to school at Aveda, I got a job at Macy's doing makeup at a cosmetic counter. I developed a strong passion for doing makeup and stayed there as long as I could for about three years. While I was working there I got a job at Bella on The Bay and was there for about 5 1/2 years.
What do you specialize in as a stylist? 
I specialize in cut and color. 
You were the top stylist in your hometown. Tell us about this! 
I was nominated in 2013 for “best stylist” and then again in 2014, and won this last year. It’s a local magazine for the lake Minnetonka area, which also had a lot of our rivals in Wayzata, just across the lake. There are three people who get nominated in that category for the year and how you get nominated is by the number of votes you get from clients.

Why did you want to start working at Post Hair Company?
I wanted to work for a top tier L’Oreal professional salon. I was drawn in by how beautiful the salon is. I also liked how Leann Post, the owner, does hair and how it's a family run business. And I also loved Ali in my interview and could tell it was going to be a good fit! I learned from my last boss that it’s important for it to be a great fit.
What is your favorite aspect about the salon so far?
What I like most is the atmosphere is warm, friendly and inviting. I feel at home here.
Fall is coming up. What's a good tip for refreshing your hair for this season? 
Fall is always a great time to do a gloss/shine treatment or a deluxe custom treatment from Shu Uemura, kerastase or L’Oreal professional. 
What is a hair trend that you're loving right now? 
My favorite method that is really in style right now is balayage. It's a free-hand painting method on the hair with out the foils. It creates a real natural, youthful look. I love how natural it looks and being able to really customize the color.
What can a client expect from you experience wise when getting their hair done? 
A great consultation and creating a cut you will be able to style on your own at home that fits your lifestyle, [along with] some quick tips on at-home styling, and just being able to relax and have a good time. 

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