7 Hair Hacks You’ve Probably Never Tried

When it comes to advice about hair, there are endless tips and tricks. Sitting in your stylist’s chair is probably the best place you can find actual advice that’s good for you hair, but there are also some hacks online worth trying. 
From how to keep those annoying stray hairs down to finishing your look and encouraging it to last, we’ve put together a list of our favorite hair hacks. 
7 hair hacks you should try now
1. Keep your fly-aways down.
Whether you put your hair up or leave it down, there always seems to be a fly-away...or 10. If you’re going for a clean, soft look, you don’t want to overload your hair with product just for those stubborn hairs. Instead, grab an unused toothbrush, lightly spray it with hairspray, then swipe it over those fly-aways. 

2. Empower your bobby pins. 
Speaking of stubborn hair, do you have straight or thin hair that won’t keep your bobby pins in where you left them? If so, lay out a handful of bobby pins on a paper towel, spray them with hairspray or dust with dry shampoo, shake the paper towel so you get them even, and put in your hair. The bobby pins will get a little texture to them so that they’ll stay put.
3. Don’t cut your hair until you’ve done the test.
We saw this in Harper’s Bazaar a couple months ago, and it’s a great way to test if short hair would look good with your face proportions. It’s a great hack, since once you cut your hair, it takes a while to grow back. This is called “The 2.25" (5.5cm) rule” and it just might save the life and look of your hair. 
According to Harper's Bazaar, just “position a pencil or pen under your chin horizontally and then place a ruler under your ear, vertically. Take your measurement from the intersection of the pencil and ruler. Less than 2.25" and you'd look amazing with short hair, and if it's anything more long locks will be the most flattering choice for you.”
4. Use your braids. 
If you wear braids overnight to get a unique curl look, or you wear braids during the day and want a different look for going out, swipe your straightener over your braids while they’re still in your hair, then take out the braids. You’ll be left with a cool curly look.  
5. Use the right brush. 
Do you ever get frustrated while doing your hair because it never turns out the way you want it to? It could be the brush you’re using. Here are some helpful tips about why there are so many brushes. The big, round brush is for straightening and smoothing your hair. Using this brush won’t give you much curl. The small, round brush (oftentimes it looks like a metal brush with thin, sharp bristles) can add some curl and volume with a twist of the wrist. And the flatter, paddle-like brush can be used for mostly anything, although it is more like the brush you’ll use straight out of the shower, or before going to bed. 
6. Quick wash your hair.
If you have long hair that takes forever to wash and dry, we’re here to tell you about a quick way to get a washed look in minutes. Section of your hair, leaving your bangs left loose. Lightly wash your bangs in the sink with a small amount of shampoo. Then let all of your hair loose and dry your bangs. The front of your hair will look freshly washed and dried, without having to do your whole head. 
7. Fight the frizz. 
Don’t have time to wash your hair in the morning but hate sleeping with wet hair due to frizz? Don’t be afraid to sleep with wet hair anymore, because we’ve found a hack that’ll help. After washing your hair, put a beanie on and go to sleep. You’ll wake up with less frizz and you’ll avoid those weird sleep-curls.
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