Which Blonde Are You?

Blonde hair: It might be cause for a few “blonde” jokes, but everyone secretly wished they were a blonde at some point in their life. Whether they got highlights, tried the ombre look, or they went platinum for a day and realized how much upkeep it is, most of us have gone down the blonde road at least once. 
But for those who’re actually blonde, we know that being blonde isn’t just one look. In all reality, there are dozens of shades of blonde and they each say something different. So, which blonde are you? Find out below. 

The Natural Blonde 

The Natural Blonde is someone who likes to keep it simple. Blondes might have more fun, so they say, but the Natural Blonde likes the classic blonde look that doesn’t scream that she’s a blonde.

Maybe she was born with this color, or maybe she just looks like it and used to actually be a brunette. Either way, you’ll only find her coloring her roots when needed, instead of experimenting every month with her color.


The Platinum Blonde 

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The Platinum Blonde is probably the exact opposite of the Natural Blonde. This Platinum gal likes to roll with the trends. She saw Kim K.’s platinum hair and knew she’d pull it off even better.

The Platinum Blonde likes hair that is as bright as her smile, and you bet she’ll keep it up monthly, or even weekly, depending on what her natural hair color is. Because, well, platinum definitely isn’t a primary color.


The Athletic or “Dirty” Blonde 

For the blonde that’s always on the go and never has time to worry about her hair, she’s the Athletic, or Dirty, Blonde. The Athletic Blonde doesn’t mind when the summer sun changes the tones in her blonde hair.

She might be more brunette one month, super blonde the next, and she doesn’t mind one bit. The Dirty Blonde is probably the most likely of the bunch to leave the house with wet hair. For some reason, this look is amazing on her and she doesn't even realize it. 


The Balayage Blonde 

The Balayage Blonde is always up with the trends. She watches the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” and wants the balayage blonde that she sees on the catwalk.

Whether it’s letting her roots get a bit darker one month, or lightening those balayaged ends the next, she’s always looking to spruce up her look and keep on-trend.

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