Fashion Colors: The New, Colorful Trend in Hair


One of the newest trends in hair is brightening up the hair world. Fashion (or party) colors are the new thing, even though they probably began in the 1980s. From celebrities rocking pale pink on the red carpet to endless Pinterest pins with colored hair tutorials, the color trend is everywhere – even at Post Hair Company. 
Whether you have fashion colors in your hair, or you were just always curious about it, there’s a certain technique and process in order to achieve these colorful ‘dos. We spoke with one of Post Hair Company’s fashion color experts, Adrianne, about why this trend is so popular, what the first step is, and how to maintain all that amazing color. 

Adrianne and her fashion colored 'do

When did the trend of bright colors in hair start?
I think the trend of "fashion" or "party" colors started back in the days of punk rock... You might have caught a weird look from strangers for having crazy colored hair or a Mohawk to go with it.
Who is your favorite celeb that has unique colored hair?
I can't think of a favorite celebrity, but the name I think of is Kelly Osbourne. I feel like she made a pale lavender hair color look very classy and made it ok for others to jump on band wagon. 
Tell us about the color in your hair.
I colored my hair professionally for the first time when I was 14 – big purple chunks in my hair and I loved it! I’ve been addicted to crazy colors ever since. I think I had carmel highlights once in the passed 16 years, otherwise you can always find me with a different color of the rainbow on my head. I've been fire engine red to purple to blue green ombré. 
Why did you want it incorporated in your 'do?
I was inspired by one of Guy Tangs tutorials. He is one of many people I look up to in the hair world industry!
If someone is interested in getting color in their hair, what's the first step? 
If someone is interested in having these colors done, I would recommend setting up a consult first, just to see what your situation looks like: if you have damage, if it's even achievable, how much time to prepare for, etc.

How long is the process? 
99% of the time, the hair needs to pre-lightened before fashion colors are applied in order to see the true color. So initially it takes a couple hours longer than a normal highlight/color service. It's a double process service, and you don't have to pre-lighten every time. 
Is it more expensive to get this treatment done versus normal highlights?
Yes, it is more expensive initially during the pre-lightening appointment because of time and work, but maintenance for refreshing can be a normal color charge. Unless client would like 8 different colors and they want Pinterest rainbow hair, then definitely expect to get charged for your hairdressers hard work.
Is there a lot of upkeep? 
Maintenance is refreshing party colors every 3-6 weeks. Yes, these colors  fade faster than regular hair color. Then you can decide to pre-lighten hair again or do what I do, which is pre-lighten once, then grow it out until next color change. The total process can be 2-6 hours depending on hair. 
Anything else you’d like to add?
I'm so glad everyone is having so much fun with these party colors and there are so many brilliant ways to make them look classy and amazing!! It's about time! 
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