5 Celebrity Hair-Spirations at Every Length and Color

We all do it - we take a photo of a celebrity into the salon and ask for “the exact same hairstyle.” Since not all of our hair has the same texture, thickness, length and color, it’s oftentimes hard to perfectly match the look. But luckily stylists are inspired by images you bring in and can give you a look that is perfect, just for you. 
But it’s still fun to look at celebrity hair and wonder how it’d look on us. From long blonde locks to short ‘dos that we’ve always wanted to try, we’ve put a list together of some of our favorite celebrity hairstyles. Will we see you in the salon with one of these photos soon? 
5 celebrity hairdstyles that we love this season: 
Blake Lively
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Blake Lively has been in headlines everyday for the past couple of years. It could be because she married Ryan Reynolds and now has a beautiful baby girl named James. Or it could be her style from head-to-toe. Whichever reason you love Blake for, we can probably all agree that her hair is classic and we envy her long, blonde locks. Blake doesn’t change up her style often, and we don’t blame her. She probably achieved this look by getting seasonal trims while keeping her length, by not coloring often, and by using products that will only support her healthy lifestyle. 

Alexa Chung
Even if you haven’t heard the name Alexa Chung, you’ve probably seen her in hairstyling magazines or on the Internet when searching for short hairstyles or even ombre. Alexa is an English model and television host, whom is probably mostly known for her trendy style choices and ever-envied hair. Alexa keeps it to about her shoulders, with lighter brown on top, matched with lighter ends. Her bangs look perfect with her face shape, and she’s a great hair-spiration because her look is natural, yet trendy. 

Emma Stone
Emma Stone is flawless. From her beautiful gowns on the red carpet to her natural red hair, she’s a style icon for sure. If you were born with red hair, everyone has probably told you never to change it. It’s envied upon by everyone who wants that natural and lovely look, yet it’s not too common. Emma wears her hair down often, letting loose waves flow whether she’s on the big screen or premiering a film. 

Julianne Hough
Especially with this hot weather in the air, the “lob” is one of this season’s hottest looks. Even those who’ve had long hair for decades can’t resist this chin or shoulder-length ‘do. "Dancing With the Stars" judge Julianne Hough pulls off this look seamlessly, wearing her hair down with light curls and giving it a heavy side part. Julianne has also dyed her lob pink, but the blonde is what we so desire. 

Lily Aldridge 
Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge has more going for her than her long, dark hair, but we love her natural balayage look. With her dark eyes and always tan skin, Lily is also a fan-favorite when it comes to bringing in photos of celebs’ hair that we want for ourselves. This look is easily achievable, but please leave it to the professionals instead of doing an at-home treatment. 
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