3 Ways to Perk Up Your Hair for Summer

After a long, harsh winter that we thought would never end, the sun has finally come out. Summer weddings have already begun and we bet your summer bucket list is quickly filling up. 
Since we all love looking and feeling our best for date nights and summer vacations, there’s no better time than now to perk up your hair for this sunny season ahead. 
If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve made a list of three ways to give you radiant, sun-kissed hair all summer long. 
1. Lighten the Color

You don’t need to go blonde just because it’s summer. But adding some highlights or lightening all of your hair a shade or two can give you that beautiful summer glow every woman wants. Whether you want natural looking highlights or you want to go trendy with some balayage, lightening your hair will give you a sun-kissed look, perfect for summer.  

2. Cut Off Dead Ends

Winter is harsh on everyone’s hair. We’re more inclined to blow dry our hair so that it doesn’t freeze, we’re roughing it up under snow goggles or winter hats, and we’re just not as gentle because well, it was winter. But now that it’s summer and we want our hair to be noticed for its length and lightness, it’s time to do a little trimming. Having dead ends not only makes your hair look fuzzy on the tips, but it can also keep your hair from growing long since the ends start splitting, then break off. So come in for a trim or maybe even a whole new, shorter look. Your hair will both feel and look healthier.

3. Get a Brazilian Blowout

Summer is the perfect time to get a Brazilian blowout. Whether or not you’ve had the treatment before, it leaves your hair feeling soft and looking radiant. At Post Hair Company, we offer the Brazilian Blowout Keratin Smoothing Treatment, which has added benefits versus other blowout treatments. The treatment only takes about 90 minutes, and with the use of Keratin products, you’ll leave with silky smooth hair that has less damage and more shine. 
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