5 Reasons Why You Should Vote For Post Hair Company in Top of the Town


Recognition of being good at what you do in the hair industry comes in many different ways. First, client feedback is very important to us, as we sincerely enjoy hearing about how much you love your hair. Next, there’s an award that many Colorado businesses are honored with every year: 5280 magazine’s ‘Top of the Town.’
Top of the Town is just that–the top businesses all over the state being recognized for their experience, talent, customer service and drive. Do you think Post Hair Company should win the award as Colorado’s best salon and spa? We’d love your vote! 
Here are 5 reasons why you should vote for Post Hair Company: 

We’re Family Owned 

Since 1988, Post Hair Company has been a staple hair salon and spa in the Greenwood Village area. But something that you might not know, is that this is a family owned salon that is still owned by its founder. 
“When I first started doing hair there were a lot of women in the industry as stylists, however, not many women salon owners,” said Leigh Ann Post, owner of Post Hair Company. “I really wanted to make my own path and be different. The opportunity came up to open my own salon and I jumped at the chance to make a difference and build a business for myself and  my family.”

We have over 140 years of combined experience

Combined, Post Hair Company has 142 years of service experience. Owner of Post Hair Company Leigh Ann has over 36 years of experience. A couple of our stand-out stylists, Ashlee and Adrianne, have six and 11 years of experience (respectively). Since experience is more valuable than anything else when it comes to the hair care industry, we’re pretty proud of that.

Our stylists care about your experience

“I’m really proud to work at a place like Post Hair Company where people are knowledgable and passionate about what they do,” said Post Hair Company’s master hair colorist, Emily Rishavy. “We’re all about empowering people and making them feel confident about their style. Regardless of whether that’s ombre or balayage or whatever came before or what will surely come after, we help clients optimize whatever style they love and they think looks best on them. Trends are important, but so is personal style. Our team is trained to help you find your personal style and apply it in line with what’s hot.”

We have great reviews

“I have been to Post Hair Company 4 times and every experience has been first class. This is a high-end salon where all the stylists seem very business-like and professional. The facility is new, modern, clean, spacious, and well-maintained. There is a full-service spa at the facility, but I have not used that or been into that space, so I cannot offer an opinion on it or the services there. I assume it would be of the same high quality as the salon.” - Mary J., Customer since 2013

Read our reviews here.

Our products are top notch and salon exclusive

The best way to ensure you’re putting safe and effective product on your hair is to buy it here, in the salon. Why? Because we only sell salon-exclusive products. You’ll know what you’re buying, and it’ll be the perfect product for your hair’s needs, instead of everyone else’s.

Are you voting Post Hair Company as Top of the Town? We’re offering 20% off for clients when they vote for us! You can vote for Post Hair by entering:
“The Post Hair Company Salon and Spa”
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Post Hair Company’s Valentine’s Day Special


Want to get all glammed up for the most romantic night of the year coming up in a couple of weeks? Post Hair Company is offering a special to help you look and feel beautiful for a night out on the town with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. Since Valentine’s Day 2016 falls on a Sunday, Post Hair Company will be offering the special on Saturday, February 13. 
How does it work, you ask? Simply book an appointment for any blow-dry treatment. When you come in for your treatment that Saturday, February 13, you’ll not only get a glamorous blow-dry treatment, you’ll also get your makeup done, free of charge! We’ll either give you a full makeup application, or we can help touch you up. 
On this special day, we’ll also be offering 14% off all retail products to help you keep up your beautiful look.

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say


When it comes to finding a new salon for yourself, many people rely on their friends’ and family members’ recommendations. After all, getting your hair done is a personal experience. But if you don’t know anyone who lives in your state, or they don’t go to a salon very often, you’re oftentimes stuck with having to research and find a salon you trust. 
Today, we’re giving you direct reviews and recommendations, straight from our clients. Whether you’ve been to Post Hair Company before, or you’re still doing your research, take some advice directly from our clients themselves. 
“Jennifer did an out standing job on my hair! She is definitely one of your most talented employees and I have worked [with] a number of them! I will be asking for her in the future from now on.” - Kathleen U., Customer since 2006
“Emily Rischvy gave me excellent service as always. I always have that fresh from the salon feeling" not only when I leave but for another day later. Adding Marina to do a complementary blow out was most welcome!!!” - Loretta C., Customer since 2011
“Leigh ann is the best! And the overall team at Post is so professional. Thank you!” - Sandi T., Customer since 2006

“I fly into Colorado just to have my hair done by Adrianne Hood! I love her work and I love her caring, loving way she treats me and how great my hair looks when I leave her!!!” - Rebekah E., Customer since 2011
“I have been to Post Hair Company 4 times and every experience has been first class. This is a high-end salon where all the stylists seem very business-like and professional. The facility is new, modern, clean, spacious, and well-maintained. There is a full-service spa at the facility, but I have not used that or been into that space, so I cannot offer an opinion on it or the services there. I assume it would be of the same high quality as the salon.” - Mary J., Customer since 2013
“Ali Kulhman and Adrienne are top notch stylists and colorists. Highly recommend both these ladies. They are both professional, good listeners and cater to the desires of the customer. Both my teenage daughters now utilize them for their hair services because of their approach, style and class. The Post, Ali and Adrienne have my highest recommendation.” Barb G., Customer since 2011

“I had a wonderful experience (as usual) at my appointment. My hair stylist was great and took a lot of time to make sure we were on the same page with my ideas for style and length. He was really conversational with me and a lot of fun in general. I left feeling beautiful and sassy, and was treated like royalty the whole time I was there. I'll definitely be back!” - Kim B., Customer since 2013
“Another fabulous massage with Charlene. She is the best I have found in Denver.” - Trish S., Customer since 2011
“Emily is excellent. She knew exactly color my hair so that it looked fabulous.” Nancy R., Customer since 2011
“Carrilyn is absolutely wonderful with any and all of her skincare treatments. I look forward to them every time and am never disappointed. From permanent eyebrows to relaxing and rejuvenating facial care, she is just great.” Deborah B., Customer since 2014


Thanks, everyone, for your honest feedback! We appreciate it. 

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Why You Should Only Buy Your Hair Products at a Salon


Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could get their hair professionally washed and styled everyday? Since no one else is Oprah, most of us go into the salon about once per month and have to wash, dry and style our hair from home everyday. But with so many options to choose from for everyday hair care, which is the best? If there’s one thing we can’t say enough about this, it’s that you shouldn’t buy any of your hair care products, or even skincare products, online or at a drugstore. 
“Diversion is something we fight with everyday, trying to educate clients on why they shouldn't purchase from a big box store or online,” said Ali Post. “A lot of times products are old and expired, a lot of times they aren't even the right product...no joke!”
Even if you commit to buying bigger brands at a drugstore, it might not even be the actual product. 
“I personally have seen a Kerastase masque at Target that is a normally is white in color,” she said. “The  masque they were selling at Target was out of the box packaging it normally comes in and the masque itself was blue in color - not even close to the right product.” 
Even though the hair and skincare products at the grocery store are cheaper in price, you’ll end up doing more damage, which could cost even more in the end. Why not start out with the best product for your hair and skin from the beginning? 
Here are 4 reasons why you should only purchase products at a salon

You never know what you’re going to get elsewhere. 
You might think you’re saving time and money by purchasing products online. But how do you even know they’re the real deal – or even if they’re still within their “use by” date? 
Post says, “Products do have a shelf life and if you purchase something that is well past its expiration, it loses its efficiency and the expired product may not be stable any longer and could cause serious damage to your skin or hair.”

Cheap products are watered down.
Why spend money on a bottle of shampoo that is only about half product, half water? You already run water through your hair in the shower, so you definitely don’t need to purchase anymore. 


We know what’s best for your hair.  
You come into the salon to get advice and a professional experience from our educated staff, right? Your stylist knows everything about your hair by the time you leave - and that includes how to upkeep it. We’ll never suggest purchasing something at a grocery store because we know that quality is important when it comes to hair. We’ll suggest the perfect product for your hair and help you pick it out up front.

Our products are salon exclusive. 
The best way to ensure you’re putting safe and effective product on your hair is to buy it here, in the salon. Why? Because we only sell salon-exclusive products. You’ll know what you’re buying, and it’ll be the perfect product for your hair’s needs, instead of everyone else’s.
Want to know what products are best for your hair?
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First-time clients receive 25% off products - redeem here! 


Stylist Interview: Meet Tessa Johnson


Whether you haven’t had your hair done in years or you simply want an updated look, Post Hair Company is here to help you feel and look your best this season. Post Hair Company wants to meet your hair needs, along with offering tips and trends to get the hair you love. To achieve that, we only bring on the best in the business. 
Today, we’re introducing you to one of our stylists, Tessa Johnson. From styling hair for an event to being able to master today’s hottest hair trends, Tessa is a pro. Learn about her below. 
When did you first start wanting to be a stylist? 
I can remember always being intrigued by cosmetology. Growing up, I loved watching makeover television shows, and would always play with my doll's hair. It just made sense for me to follow that passion as an adult. 
Where did you attend school?
I attended the Paul Mitchell School of Denver.
How long have you been working in a salon? 
I started working in a salon five years ago.

What do you specialize in as a stylist? 
I am interested in every aspect of hair, and pursue education at every opportunity. Even in my first weeks of beauty school I found an exceptional excitement in special occasion hair, such as weddings, prom and debutant balls. I would consider that a specialization of mine definitely, but recently I've also spent a lot of time perfecting my balyage skill set. I would also consider that a newer specialization of mine. 
When and why did you want to start working at Post Hair Company? 
Almost two years ago, I was working happily in Boulder in a salon on Pearl Street, but living in Littleton. The commute was just too much to keep up with, and after searching, I discovered Post Hair Company, luckily. I couldn't imagine finding a better fit for me. The atmosphere, management, skill and clientele have been nothing short of phenomenal. 
What is your favorite aspect about the salon so far?
I would have to say the team. I am fortunate enough to work with a group of people that are so focused on creating the best experience and styles for our clients, it's constantly inspiring. 

Winter is here. What's a good tip for refreshing your hair for this season? 
I think that in Colorado, the best refreshment, is exactly that. Refreshing your ends with a moisturizing and revitalizing deep conditioning treatment is key in such a dry climate. It will help keep the bounce and style of your fresh trim, and eliminate fading of the new color you're loving. 

What is a hair trend that you're loving right now? 
The shoulder length cut for women. It's exciting to see women be courageous with length and letting go of that long time stigma that ties femininity to long hair. I love seeing women feel excited by a new style and gutsy change. 
What can a client expect from you experience wise when getting their hair done? 
I make it a point to individualize each experience for each client. No matter your goals, the moment you sit in my chair, you are in a place where all concerns, excitement and ideas are heard and recognized. I will do everything in my skill set to make sure we are on the same page with expectations and that the result of our appointment is something you can't wait to take a picture of and share it with all of your friends.
Anything else you'd like to add? 
I'm so honored to be in a profession where I am entrusted with the task of creating wearable, inspired and personalized looks for my clients. I hope to see you in my chair soon, whatever the goal may be!

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5 Hairstyles For Christmas Party Inspiration


Whether or not you’re ready, Christmas Eve is only one week from today. If you haven’t purchased something for everyone on your Christmas list yet, Post Hair Company has a list of awesome gifts, all under 100 dollars. 
Besides worrying about the gifts, many of us are putting together outfits for a Christmas party or celebration, happening this weekend or next week. Picking out the perfect outfit might be easy, but what about your hair? 
If you need a little inspiration for a hairdo that’ll impress everyone at your holiday party, we’ve put together a list from some of the best tutorials on Pinterest. Have a happy hair-holiday with these easy hair looks. 
5 hairstyles to rock on Christmas: 
Perhaps the quickest and most simple way to style your hair for the holidays is by adding a red bow. If you don’t have much time because you’re busy in the kitchen or traveling to see family, you can put half of your hair up, and simply add a little ribbon. 

Having long hair in the winter is both good and bad. It keeps your ears warm, but it’s hard to style to keep away from all the layers you’re wearing. This long ponytail might look intricate, but it’s relatively simple. Keep your hair out of the way while still looking fashionable. 

Braids work well in any season. If you have short hair, opt for a small side braid like the one pictured above. If you have long hair, check out this braid tutorial

Want to really get in the Christmas spirit? Add some Christmas berries on a headband. Your hair will look well-styled, while also nailing the holiday in all of its wonder. 

Updos are probably the classiest way to style your hair for the holidays. But who has the time to learn how to do an updo on Christmas morning? Thankfully, we have thousands of simple tutorials on Pinterest. Tip: Try it out a few days before to get it down before the big day! 


5 Post Hair Company Gifts Under 100 Dollars

If you’re looking for that perfect gift for the loved ones on your Christmas list, why not get them something that will pamper them and make them look and feel amazing? 
At Post Hair Company, we have several different gift options at every price range. Whether you’re looking for something simple or a day at the spa, there’s a gift for practically everyone on your list. 
Whether you’re on a budget or not, we’re showing you 5 gifts you can give your loved ones for under 100 dollars. 

Mile-high Hydrating with Power Peptide Facial

The Colorado elements can be daunting on the skin. Give your loved one a relaxing and invigorating gift of a facial. Post Hair offers the Mile-high Hydrating with Power Peptide Facial, which is the perfect boost your dry skin needs to prepare for the next season ahead, while also repairing last season’s damage.

The New Talent Special

If your loved one is in need of a cut and color to polish up their look, the New Talent Special will be the perfect gift. The New Talent Special offers a cut and color, OR a haircut and flash, for only 85 dollars.They’ll get a full update for the holiday season, all while getting their ‘do done by one of our new team members. 
Customized Massage 

A massage a is great way to relax and spend a little time healing. For everyone on your list, Post Hair offers a quick 30-minute massage or a 60-minute massage for someone who needs a longer therapy session. 

Shampoo and Style

Don’t want to force your loved one to get a cut and color? Post Hair also offers a shampoo and style service. This will give them a relaxing experience, while also giving them the perfect style for a night out or holiday party. 
Gift Certificate 


If you’re looking for a gift that your loved one will enjoy, but don’t know exactly what to get them, get a Post Hair Company gift certificate! They can book their own service, or purchase products here in the salon. 

Post Hair Company Beauty Passport - The Perfect Holiday Gift

Whether you’re ready or not, the holidays are right around the corner. Once Thanksgiving arrives next Thursday, the biggest shopping time of the year will begin.

At Post Hair Company, we’re already prepared for the holidays. Clients come in daily to amp up their look for the holidays. Besides a beautiful new ‘do, we’re also offering our clients a gift that will keep on giving, whether they give it to themselves or to someone on their list. 
Starting on Black Friday through Christmas Eve, Post Hair Company will be offering Beauty Passports. This is the perfect gift for someone special on your Christmas gift list, or it could relax and refresh you this holiday season. 
Post Hair Company Beauty Passports are a great value, as the services within the Passport are regularly 600 dollars  altogether! For a limited time, the Beauty Passport will offer several different services, all for only 425 dollars.
What does the Post Hair Company Beauty Passport include, you ask? Not only will you receive 25% off one retail purchase, you’ll get 8 treatments at Post Hair Company
-Lash or Brow Tint
-Brow Shaping and Wax
-Kerastase Conditioning Treatment
-Shampoo and Blowdry
-Signature Facial
-Microderm Add-On to Facial
-Collagen Induction Therapy
Spa Treatment
-60 Min. Massage

For more information about the Post Hair Company Beauty Passport, contact us:
9600 E Peakview Ave, Greenwood Village, CO 80111


Stylist Interview - Meet Tina Dell'Anno

Looking for a new ‘do this season? Today we’re introducing you to a Post Hair Company stylist that is crazy about a few of fall’s most popular trends, including going red and blunt bangs. 
Meet Kristina (Tina) Dell'Anno. 

When did you first start wanting to be a stylist? 
Tina: I became interested in doing hair when I was in high school because I loved watching my aunt cut and style hair. My aunt bought me my first mannequin and scissors and I was hooked - I'd found my passion.
Where did you attend school?
Antoine Du Chez Academy
How long have you been working in a salon? 
Nine years 
What do you specialize in as a stylist? 
Blondes and color corrections

When and why did you want to start working at Post Hair Company?
I started working at Post Hair Company in 2010. My aunt had worked with Leigh Ann for years so I knew the salon was top notch. Beyond that, I wanted to work in a large salon with lots of stylists to learn new techniques from which Post Hair Company has always offered.
What is your favorite aspect about the salon? 
My favorite aspect of working in a salon is following the ever-changing and evolving hair trends. It's really fun to share these trends with guests and customize them to each person to modernize their look.
What's a good tip for refreshing your hair for this season? 
Glosses are a really great quick fix for brightening a color that needs a little extra love. 
What is a hair trend that you're loving right now? 
The trends I'm loving right now are blunt bangs, rich reds and blondes going more strawberry! 
What can a client expect from you experience wise when getting their hair done? 
I keep up with what's new and am honest about how to achieve the look they are going for. Ultimately creating a relationship with each client.
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Stylist Interview - Meet Jennifer Olivas


At Post Hair Company, we’re proud to have an exceptional team of professionals that are trained, experienced and creative. Whether you’re in need of a quick trim, you need to freshen up your color, or you want a completely new change for the fall season, our team is here to help you look your best and fall in love with your hair. 
Today, we’re introducing you to one of our seasoned stylists, Jennifer Olivas. Jennifer has worked at Post Hair for over five years. Learn more about why Jennifer wanted to become a stylist, what she specializes in, and what her favorite fall trend is for hair. 
Meet Jennifer Olivas: 

When did you first start wanting to be a stylist? 
Jennifer Olivas: I started cosmetology school when I was a high school senior. My interest at the time was dressing hair and wigs for theatre and film. 
Where did you attend school? 
I went to Pickens Tech, a local vocation school that employed one of Colorado’s top theatrical stylists/ wig masters as an educator for their Cosmetology program.
How long have you been working in a salon? 
I have been working as a licensed stylist for 11 years.
What do you specialize in as a stylist? 
I would consider myself a fine and thinning hair specialist, as well as a specialist in precision cutting.
When and why did you want to start working at Post Hair Company? 
I started at Post Hair Co. a little over five years ago. After working as a cutting specialist for most of my career I was looking for a salon where I could learn color from a talented master stylist (Leigh Ann Post), expand upon my current skills as a stylist, and work with some of the industry’s best styling lines.

What is your favorite aspect about the salon so far? 
I would have to say our fantastic salon team! 
Fall is here. What's a good tip for refreshing your hair for this season? 
Don’t be afraid to take up your length and tone down that summer blonde. Fall is a great time to rock a mid-length or short cut with rich brown, soft blonde, or red tones.
What is a hair trend that you're loving right now?  
I love that we are seeing a return of highly texturized cuts with lots of movement for both short and long styles.
What can a client expect from you experience wise when getting their hair done? 
Honesty, no matter how bad a client may want a look I will never perform a service or cut on a client that I believe will make them look anything less than their personal best. I always perform a thorough consultation with my clients to customize a style that will best complement them.
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5 Crazy Halloween Makeup Tutorials To Try

With Halloween coming up this Saturday, do you know what your costume is? Whether you’re trying to win a Halloween costume prize or you just want to impress your friends, don’t go with a costume that everyone else will be wearing. 
Instead, think makeup. Not only can you utilize makeup as your costume, which costs less than a costume you’ll only wear once, you can do it yourself at home. If you’re not a makeup pro, there are thousands of tutorials out there that will give you step-by-step instructions.
Here are 5 of the craziest Halloween makeup tutorials: 
Hair tip: Go for gold. If you can find a gold hairspray (usually found in the Halloween isle of places like Walgreens), this is your best bet. Style your hair up, then spray all over. After this styled look with sticky gold paint, you’ll probably want to come in for a conditioning treatment. This will get your hair clean, soft and free of all that Halloween damage. 

Hair tip: Sally has a long, red wig in this tutorial. You can do the same, or even color your hair like the gold option above. Just remember, we're here to condition your hair back to its healthy, everyday look.

Hair tip: For this look, long and sleek is the way to go. Like in the tutorial, you can separate the “two faces” by pulling straightened hair between them. If you don’t have any product to achieve that sleek look, we’ve got you covered. 
Hair tip: For the nutcracker look, we suggest a tight topknot. This will keep your hair away from your eyes and face paint, so you can keep this creepy and clever look all night. Want to have the perfect up-do for Halloween? Book an appointment for a quick hairstyle with one of our hair experts. 

Hair tip: This one is a little creepy. But with the makeup done well, it can also be super beautiful. For this look, we suggest bringing out the curls. Whether that’s letting your natural curls come out for the night or styling your hair, we have products that can help you achieve that curly look. 


4 Spa Treatments You Should Try Now

Post Hair Company is primarily known for its hair services. From color to cut, and even personalized hairstyles for an event, we offer practically ever hair service out there. 
But did you know that Post Hair Company also has a state-of-the-art spa? Whether you want to pamper yourself with a massage, take care of your dry skin this season or maintain that summer glow, we offer a variety of spa services that will make you feel and look great. 
Here are 4 spa treatments you should try now: 
Customized Massage
Whether you get massages monthly to help you relax, or you’re feeling a little stressed this month, a massage a is great way to relax and spend a little time healing. If you’re in a rush, Post Hair offers a quick 30-minute massage. If you need a while to process your thoughts and let your muscles breathe, we also offer 60 minutes and a full 90-minute massage. 
Learn more about massage treatments. 
Essential Facial 
From late nights at the office to weekend nights where we forget to wash our skin (a skincare sin), we put our skin through a lot. If you get a facial once a month or you’ve never received one, now’s the perfect time before the winter air hits. An essential facial will clean up your pores and get your skin glowing and feeling silky smooth again. if you have specific skincare needs, be sure to tell our skin experts so they can help you maintain lasting results! 
Learn more about the essential facial

Airbrush Spray Tan

Loved your tan this summer but don’t want to get skin damage from those terrible tanning beds? Post Hair Company has the solution. Our airbrush spray treatment will bronze your skin, while also defining abs, glutes, above the knee and back of arms. Our Body Bronzing product was developed by a dermatologist to give you the best tan ever without the harmful effects of the sun.
Learn more about the Airbrush Spray Tan
Mile-high Hydrating with Power Peptide Facial
Living in Colorado, we put our skin through the elements hardcore. From a hot sun to freezing temperatures, it’s no wonder why our skin can get super dry here. That’s why Post Hair offers the Mile-high Hydrating with Power Peptide Facial. It’s the perfect boost your dry skin needs to prepare for the next season ahead, while also repairing last season’s damage. This facial is 60 minutes and includes: Potent Peptides to smooth fine lines and strengthen the skin by facilitating collagen production; Epidermal growth factor that stimulates cellular repair and firms elasticity.
Learn more about the Mile-High Hydrating Facial


Post Hair Company Offers 142 Years of Combined Experience in the Hair Industry


In the state of Colorado, there are hundreds of hair salons. You see them in practically every shopping center and even inside shopping malls. But what separates each of these salons from one another and how do you choose which salon to go to? 
We can’t speak for all the other salons but at Post Hair Company, we stand out because we have staff that is here to stay, has years of experience, and keeps up with the latest trends. 
Combined, Post Hair Company has 142 years of service experience. Owner of Post Hair Company Leigh Ann has over 36 years of experience. A couple of our stand-out stylists, Ashlee and Adrianne, have six and 11 years of experience (respectively). Since experience is more valuable than anything else when it comes to the hair care industry, we’re pretty proud of that. 
Plus, to keep up with the latest trends we see on the red carpet, in magazines and on the runway, Post Hair Company enlists L’Oreal to train our stylists. “That’s why I came to Post Hair,” said Ashlee Olsen, stylist. “For someone that’s been in the industry for awhile, education is important.”
To learn a little more about Post Hair Company’s philosophy behind experience, keeping up with the trends, and why the salon hires “career stylists” instead of those who style for a hobby, we spoke to Ali Post of Post Hair Company. 

Why do you want to hire "career stylists" for Post Hair Company? 
We feel very lucky to be a part of such a growing industry and an industry that is built around creativity and artists that get to "show off" their talent on a daily basis. We like to hire stylists that are passionate about their work and take it seriously and stylists that want to grow with us as a company.  This is truly a family business and when we hire someone we really look at them as our family, and we want to give them all the tools they need to succeed. We have found over the years that career stylists are focused on education, just as our company is. To make the client’s experience top notch we want to provide our stylists with as much ongoing education as possible so they can grow and succeed!
Is growth with stylists important to Post Hair? 
Most definitely! When we hire stylists and spa service providers we really look for the right fit for our salon and our family. We want to educate and train our staff the Post Hair way, and even though it's an ongoing process we invest a lot in each of our staff and want them to grow and succeed over time with us.  
How do you condition stylists to new trends and products? 
This industry is always evolving which is one of the reasons we love it! Our partnerships with L'Oreal Professionnel, Kerastase and Shu Uemura provide constant education on trends and products throughout each year. We really try to focus on having really great relationships with a few, select partners so we can educate ourselves in the smartest way possible. Our brand reps are part of our family as well. We trust them and know they are always here to help in any way they possibly can!  

Tell us a little about the L'Oreal classes.Tell us about those.
Most all are hands-on and the educators they provide to us are fantastic and knowledgeable in the industry. We are very fortunate to have these educators come into our salon and work with our staff in an intimate setting so they get the most out of each class. Each year we also reward a few of our staff with classes in either New York or California as a thank you for all the hard work they do. It's a fun way for them to get a little vacation as well as some amazing education in a really fun setting!
How do these classes then help the clients at Post Hair? 
Because this industry is ever-changing, education is the key to making the client’s experience the absolute best it can be! We want our staff to be up on current trends and have new and fun ideas for their clients so they can offer a new look or that little change the client may be seeking with their hair. Hair can make you feel beautiful and amazing and we want every one of our clients to leave here feeling their absolute best!
Learn more about Post Hair Company

Hair-tionary: 8 Hair Stylist Terms You Should Know

If you’re not a hair stylist, there are some terms you’ll hear in the salon that might sound foreign to you. At Post Hair Company, our stylists know that clients don’t always know what these words mean, so we ask plenty of questions and listen to the look you’re going for, before putting them into technical salon terms. 
But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn these words to both surprise your stylist, along with getting the look you really want. To help, we’ve put a list together of some major terms used in the salon world. 
Here are 8 salon terms you should know: 
1. Sombre: Don’t want to go all the way with ombre but want more oomph than balayge? Ask for a “sombre” – it’s the combination of an ombre and the balayage treatment. 

2. Baby lights: If highlights are too strong for you, baby lights make be the perfect addition to your color. Baby lights are fine highlights that mimic the sun kissed hair look you’d get as a child. 

3. Point Cut: Getting a hair cut but don’t want it to be too clean? A point cut is when scissors are used to cut hair vertically instead of horizontally. A point cut will make your hair more piecey and a little more edgy. 

4. Dusting: Hair should be trimmed every four or so months. But if you’re really worried about how much length is cut off, ask for a “dusting.” This is the most minimal amount that will be cut from your hair. 

5. Chemical Cut: If you’re ever sitting in the stylist’s chair and they say that you’ve had a “chemical cut,” the time has come to get your hair’s act together. This means that your hair so over-processed that it breaks off and looks like it was cut. To keep from getting this unwanted cut, come in and let us help get your hair to healthy before it’s too late. 

7. Slithering: Believe it or not, some of us were blessed with too much thickness in our hair. A way to help with this is “slithering.” This is done with thinning shears to help even out and thin your hair where it gets heavy in certain areas. 

8. Weight line: Speaking of lots of hair, there is such a thing called a weight line – and it’s in everyone’s hair. The weight line is the heaviest part of your hair. The area differs in everyone, but consider it your thickness - and heaviest - hair point on your head. 


8 DOs and DON’Ts of Hair Care

Eat your vegetables. Get your beauty rest. Have an annual check-up. There are many things we’re told to do for our health, or as we like to call them, the DOs and DON’Ts. But when it comes to hair care, there are also many things we should and shouldn’t be doing. 
If you want healthy, silky and strong hair, there are some tips you should abide by. To help you grow that long, beautiful hair that mostly every woman wants, we’ve put a list together of just a few of the DOs and DON’Ts you should follow for better hair growth, shine and strength. 
8 tips for healthy hair: 
DO take your vitamins.
Vitamins and minerals can energize, protect and repair the human body. And there’s a vitamin that is perfectly crafted for hair and nail growth, too. We love Nature Made’s 2500 mg liquid formula of biotin. You take one pill a day, and it can give you that extra boost for hair growth. Plus, your nails will become stronger and grow faster.
DON’T wash your hair everyday. 
The smell of freshly shampooed hair is unbeatable. But if you wash your hair every day, you’re stripping essential and natural oils from your hair, which can dry it out quickly. Instead of shampooing everyday, skip the shampoo every other day or so, and just condition on that day. You hair will still be clean, smell lovely, and be soft instead of dry. 

DO get your tips trimmed.
We suggest getting the tips of your ends trimmed about every 3-4 months. This will ensure split ends hit the road and don’t keep your hair from growing long and strong. If your hair takes on a lot of elements - blowdryer, straightener, etc. - you might want to move up that appointment. Look at your ends and see if they’re starting to spilt. If they seem brittle and dry, you’re probably due for an appointment
DON’T frye your hair…too much. 
It’s nearly impossible to not use a blowdryer, curling iron, straightener and so on everyday. We don’t blame you, but you do have to be careful. If you use a straightener everyday, try to make the look last for two days at a time. Skip a wash and apply only touch-ups with your straightener the next day. 
DO find a color you’ll want to keep for more than 3-4 months. 
Changing your hair color and trying new trends is always fun. But if you want healthy hair, you can’t really get away with changing your hair color all the time. Come into Post Hair Company and work with one of our stylists to help you find a color you can maintain and fall in love with for months on end. You hair with be healthier and you’ll feel confident knowing that this color should be here to stay. 
DON’T be rough on your hair.  
Even though we can’t physically feel hair strands, we can hurt our hair if we’re rough with it. Be gentle while brushing your hair, or you might rip out more than the natural shedding amount. Don’t put a hair tie in too tightly, as you can also damage the strands. And while you’re washing your hair, be gentle. We doubt you have to scrub that hard to get it super clean. 

DO use leave-in conditioner. 
Whether you’re air-drying or blowdrying your hair, leave-in conditioner can be a godsend if you use it throughout the week. We have numerous leave-in products that will leave your hair feeling silky and looking way healthier than ever before. If you’re going to sleep with wet hair, apply a small amount of leave-in on the ends of your hair. This will keep your wet hair from getting damaged while it’s rolling back and forth on your pillow. 
DON’T sleep in a tight ponytail or bun. 
Going to sleep with wet hair isn’t too bad for your hair, but what is - is sleeping with your hair in a tight ponytail or bun. Your hair needs to breathe, and nighttime is the perfect time. Chances are that your head doesn’t stay still during the night, so a tight top knot or pony will pull out hairs while you sleep. If you can’t stand loose hair in the night, braid your hair (not too tight) and wake up with a fun ‘do. 
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