15 of Our Favorite "Unicorn" Hairstyles

Summer is in full swing and if you still haven’t amped up your hair for the season, now is the perfect time. Post Hair Company will offer 50 dollars off unicorn hair for the upcoming Unicorn Festival this weekend. Those pretty mixes of pastels or even that slight hint of pink on your ends, yep—that is Unicorn Hair. Grab some inspiration below as we’ve compiled our 15 favorite unicorn hair colors and styles. Call 303-794-5060 to book!




9 Things You Should Know About Vibrant Hair


Since bright hair colors are all the rage this summer, we thought it was time to get real about them—they’re a lot of work. Since you’ve probably considered going purple, pink or another vibrant shade at least once, we’ve compiled a few things you should know first. Take a look below, and if you’re ready for the hair committment, we say go for it.
You may have to bleach your hair.
Unless your hair is naturally platinum blonde, chances are you will have to bleach it. In order for any bright colors to lift and stand out, your hair needs to be completely white to begin with—which could take 1-3 bleaches.
Have a professional bleach it for you.
You won’t regret this step, we promise.
Invest in quality hair care products.
A large part of going bold with your hair is maintaining that color. Investing in quality hair products specifically meant for color treated hair will help in making your color last.
 Lots of things can make your color fade. 
This is a very important one to note. Things that will make your color fade include how often you wash it, heat tools, which hair products you use and your exposure to the sun. Silver and pastel shades will fade the fastest and need to be touched up more often.
There are things you can do to avoid color fading.
Dry shampoo will become your best friend. Washing your hair in cold water will also slow down the color fading process.
Going bold is a big commitment.
If you couldn’t tell already... Your first service will also likely be a bit more expensive and could take anywhere from 2-5 hours.
Always protect hair when using heat tools.
This should be the case no matter what color your hair is, but it is extra important with extremely color treated hair.
You’ll be a regular at the salon.
 When those roots start growing in it is not always pretty. Be prepared for salon touchups on a regular basis.
Prepare for the attention.
Your new vibrant, bold hair color will bring attention to you whether you like it or not. But just don’t be bothered—rock it! 

What is Pastelage?


Pastelage is the new balayage. Using a combination of pastel tones applied to the hair with the balayage technique, Pastelage is the latest hair trend sweeping the beauty industry.
Coined by L’Oreal Professionnel, the hair care brand makes Pastelage possible using its  new #colorfulhair semi-permanent in-salon colour palette. The #colorfulhair range features seven intermixable vibrant, intermixable shades. The genius behind L’Oreal’s Pastelage specifically is its versatility and low-committal factor— lasting between three and twelve shampoos, post service.
While L’Oreal Professionnel’s initiated the trend and the  semi-permanent treatment, that is not it for Pastelage. Stylist’s and salons have already adapted the technique and made it their own. Similar to balayage, you can paint the hair either a lot or a little depending on your desired outcome. More women, of all ages, are requesting bold hair color and Pastelage is their answer. Meet Pastelage—the trend of summer 2017.


Top Transformations: Our favorite client looks from May

Pleasing our clients is our number one and when we do it well, we like to share—so here are Post Hair Company’s top transformations from the month of May. Whether you’re looking for a fresh cut, fun color, or even just a quick trim, our dedicated stylists and staff are eager to have you feeling your best. Keep scrolling for some hair inspiration or feel free to give us a call at (303) 794-5060.
Get ready for summer and refresh your blonde!

Color by Adrianne Hood.


Color by Adrianne Hood.

12+ Summer Hair Colors to Try


Bold and blonde is the theme for summer hair in 2017. If you been craving a hair change—now is the time. Bright blondes, bold shades and blunt cuts will be everywhere this season and Post Hair Company has compiled some of our favorite trends below. Grab some inspiration and be sure to call Post Hair Company at 303-794-5060 to book your next visit.


Millennial Pink

Pastelage (the new Balayage)

Chocolate Rose Gold

Ice Blonde


Warm Brown Balayage

Honey Blonde


Light Silver Highlights


Beachy Blonde

Subtle Two-Tone

Bold Burgundy

How often do you REALLY need to get your hair cut?


It’s a question we’ve all probably asked ourselves before—how often should I cut my hair cut? If you’re anything like me, you’ve put off your hair cut for as long as possible, just wishing for it to grow. Well, if that’s the case, you could be doing your hair a big disservice according to Post Hair Company stylist Jennifer Olivas. Olivas weighed in on the topic and below is what she had to say.  
1. “For shorter hair cuts, you should be getting it cut every four to six weeks. For long cuts, it’s a six to eight week period.”
2. “When getting your haircut, you should be doing it with your color service. This way it'll take out the damage that naturally occurs with the coloring process. Haircuts are just as important as the color.”
3. "It's a myth that cutting your hair will make it grow faster, but it is essential to get regular hair cuts when  growing out your length to keep your hair healthy and looking good."

8 Tips to Make Mom's Spa Day Better


Make your mom’s day by giving the gift of a Post Hair Company service this Mother’s Day. Manicures or pedicures, massage or facial, there’s something for every mother to enjoy at Post Hair Company. Here to make her day that much better, we’ve compiled some tips. Happy to facilitate on what we can, Post Hair Company is committed to making all of its customers feel special. Take note below and be sure to call Post Hair Company to plan and schedule your 2017 Mother’s Day service. Call 303-794-5060 to book.
Sixty minute massages for 100 dollars, 90 minute massages for 130 dollars or the Ultimate Escape Facial for 135 dollars are available specifically for Mother's Day at Post Hair Company.
Customized robe or slippers.
Nothing says I love you mom like a fuzzy robe, socks or slippers. This small touch will make her spa day.
Purchase the products for her to take home.
Extend the life of her spa service by purchasing the exact products for her to take home. Post Hair Company proudly uses Sanitas, Jane Iredale and PCA Skin products, all available for purchase in-store.
Bring her favorite magazines or book.
Aside from the pedicure itself, taking the time to read a book or magazine is the second best part. Plan ahead and pack your mother’s favorites, she’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness.
Write a card.
The perfect thing to read before her massage or during her pedicure, write a personal note on why she deserves a spa day. 
Give mom an upgrade.
If she typically gets a massage, make it 90  minutes vs 60. Add in a surprise spa facial or skin treatment following the massage to make her feel extra special. 
Custom music.
Let us know what genre she’d enjoy most and we’d be happy to accommodate, or go ahead and pack her headphones and music along for her service so she can really zone out.
Plan something relaxing to do afterwards.
Take a short drive or grab a nice cup of coffee with mom after or even before her service. It’s her day, and she should know it.
Do your research.
Take a look around our website or even come in for a brief tour. Our friendly and experienced staff, like our newest Esthetician, will be more than happy to discuss or answer any questions.

7 Lazy Girl Hair Hacks


We’ve all had those days. Those days where our hair just won’t cooperate, we’re running short on time or we’ve pre planned to sleep in— it happens. Enter in the lazy girl hair day. Looking for a simple, quick hair fix? We happen to know a few.

Hacks from Post Hair Stylist Marina Grigolini 
1. Curl the top half of your hair with a 1 ¼ inch curling iron. Leave the underside untouched—it’ll look more natural and it’s better for the hair. 
2. Sleep in two French braids and wake up with curly hair. Make sure to use Mousse though, it’ll hold the style better and your hair won’t get frizzy if you toss and turn at night
3. Get your haircut more often and do a deep conditioned more like every other visit. It will last four to six weeks depending on how often you wash your hair
A few other hacks to add
4. For quick curls, pull your hair up into a high pony. Divide hair into three sections and curl those strands. Undo the pony and hairspray your hair upside down. Flip up and tousle with your hands. 
5. For a longer, fuller ponytail—try doubling up. Split your hair into two sections, top and bottom, and ponytail them separately. The closer together the better. Run your hands through the hair and you’ll be left with one volumptuous pony.
6. Use a texturizing product on damp hair. Split your hair in half, rolling each section away from the face and then blast the twist with the blow dryer. You’ll be left with a natural, woke-up-like-this wave.
7. Great for second day hair, part and tease up your roots and pull all of your hair back into a low, messy bun. No need to worry about every hair being perfect. This look is effortless.
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